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Dropping sig:

Dude: Male Graveler (Level 3)
Bio: When I found the little guy among his herd, he especially caught my eye. He seemed to be more rough than smooth. Now, most of his family and his kind that lived alongside him were also rugged, but he was pretty damn spiky looking. It looked like a whole bunch of Stealth Rocks coming out of him. When I battled and caught him, I trained him hard. He seemed to learn a few tricks on his own with the use of my training.
Special Characteristic (I couldn't think of anything else): Spiky Body.
Dude is spiky. His Rollout attack now does 10% more damage and is 10% faster since the spikes can dig into the ground for more traction, sort of like a Cheetah's claws. He can also use rock moves with rocks as spiky as himself e.g. Rock Throw has spiky rocks, Rock Slide has spiky rocks, Rock Tomb has spiky rocks etc. which also do 10% more damage with 15% the energy cost. Normal typed Contact moves (Tackle-Giga Impact) will also do 5% more damage if the opponent is not a Rock or Steel type, if that is the case then the moves do as much damage as any contact move would do to them. Opponents attacking him with Normal typed Contact moves (Tackle-Giga Impact) will take 5% of the total damage done to Dude as recoil. And since he's really rough, he can't use Rock Polish. Also since Golem is pretty smooth, there is no way he can evolve further than Graveler.

Adding sig:

Dude: Male Graveler (Level 3)
Bio: His spikes vanished suddenly, like pimples eventually do, and he wasn't special anymore. So, I trained him like usual to get plain old stronger. He really wanted a sig move, so, like every Pokemon EVER seems to do, he trained on his own. He especially liked Stealth Rock, so he made his own little adjustment to the move.
Special Training: Stoning Your Lungs (Rock)
Dude basically uses Stealth Rock, except the rocks pop up every turn. They do minor damage, though they do strike the opponent's ribs. The repeated blow to the ribs impedes breathing, and thus, makes them lose energy more. This doesn't work with Pokemon who are flying, or giant Pokemon. This takes the energy of 1.5 Stealth Rocks and can only be used once. It stops when Dude is KO'd.
Muyo: Approved

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