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Thanks Muyo.

Another addition to my squad -

Genderless Ditto
Level: 1
Biography: I discovered this Ditto in the most unlikely of places, inside my own body! When looking under a microscope at a direct smear of my blood, what I expected to be B Cell turned out to be a Ditto smiling back at me. After culturing Ditto over a period of several days, it grew to full size, but doesn't really act like any Ditto I've ever seen before.

Signature Attack: Antibody
Ditto seems to be able to imitate one of the features of lymphocytes in the the adaptive immune system, the ability to synthesize antibody. Once Ditto has undergone "antigen presentation" where it physically touches an opponent or feels an attack, it can synthesize microscopic Y-shaped proteins in its body, which can be spit or thrown at an opponent in the form of a fine mist. Ditto can also "coat" an opponent with antibodies if it has engulfed a part or all of its opponent. When the antibodies come in contact with an opponent's body part in large enough quantities, they form a visible crystal like structure over that body part. Each antibody induces a small amount of paralysis, and a full titer (one attack) can induces total paralysis of whatever the crystal is coating. Antibodies can be made against anything, even aspects of the battlefield. However, they are specific to a single elemental type, and can only be removed by an attack of a different elemental type. For example, if a Fire Pokemon's wing is coated with antibodies against Fire Type Pokemon, it would have to use a Normal, Fighting, etc. type attack to remove the crystal lattice. An opponent will suffer self-inflicted harm if they try to use an attack to break the crystal lattice to which they lack resistance or immunity, and if they are severely covered they can lose all their energy struggling to break free. Ditto can aim for vital spots (such as the neck) to induce a KO by asphyxiation.

Ditto can remember elemental types it has sampled for an entire match, but each attack can only be used to produce antibodies of a specific elemental type (Fire Antibodies, Rock Antibodies, etc.). Elemental type attacks will be negated by their corresponding antibody (Ghost attacks neutralized by Ghost antibody) but no other type. Each use of Antibody requires energy equivalent to Poison Sting. Antibodies last for a maximum of 5 turns before degrading on their own. Because Ditto has undergone full affinity maturation to use antibodies, it can't morph into other cells and so cannot use Transform. Also, Ditto must sample antigent (experience an attack / touch something) before it can develop antibodies to it, so if Ditto is "naiive" it cannot use this technique at all.
Muyo: Approved
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