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Hanako: Male Jumpluff (Level 4)
Hanatori's older brother. Much like his sister, who he loves dearly and can be quite defensive of, Hanako would rather stay away from Pokeballs and make snide remarks about whatever's going on. His journey in the PASBL Time Out threads has been quite a bit stranger than that of his sister's, interestingly enough. Hanako is a bright shade of green as opposed to blue, and as he is also a member of the Hana family in Johto, he wears an orange headband.
Special Attack: Solar Spin (Grass/Flying)
Hanako charges a Solar Beam, as normal, but includes a good amount of Flying energy in the beam. When Hanako finishes charging, he releases the attack in the form of a large whirlwind of Grass and Flying-type energy that is similar in nature to Twister. The cyclone moves through the arena, and deals heavy Grass-type damage and mild Flying-type damage to opponents. As with Twister, Solar Spin deals more damage if the opponent is airborne when hit, and the cyclone is able to pick up water and deal more damage at the referee's discretion. This attack uses energy equal to a Solar Beam and 0.75x Twister, and can only be used once per battle.
Muyo: Approved

Koutetsutori: Female Skarmory (Level 4)
We always wondered what the problem with Koutetsutori was. She seemed completely, mind-bendingly stupid... but now we just know she has a terrible attention span and, quite like Bela, is frequently in her own little world. She's still a little stupid, though she's also extremely loyal to those closest to her.
Special Training: Scatterbrain (--)
Due to getting the full brunt of the Jumpluff Duo's snide remarks over the years, Koutetsutori is unaffected by Taunt; however, her scatterbrained personality means that Amnesia will never fail to erase the last attack she used, regardless of how difficult it is to block the attack in question.
Muyo: Approved

Ferrmor: Female Forretress (Level 4)
Ferrmor's story is an odd one. Once upon a time, Hanatori and Hanako were playing a wholesome game of "What's Inside a Forretress's Shell?" A few too many pokes from two pairs of cotton ball-hands later, Hanatori and Hanako's hands were being crushed by Ferrmor's closed shell. It took Ichiyou, Sasori, and a lot of negotiation to get the Jumpluff Duo out of this situation and to keep Ferrmor from resenting them afterward.
Special Training: Shell Ship (Steel)
Ferrmor, in an effort to move more quickly to escape those trying to look into her shell, has gone to painstaking efforts to make her shell smoother, rounder, and more aerodynamic. At the cost of some of her physical defense, Ferrmor is now quicker and more agile in midair than the average Forretress.
Muyo: Approved
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