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Elk - Male Elekid, lvl 2

Elk is, like, my Pikachu. Not because of it's typing (even though the typing DOES match with Pikapika), because he is the first ever to join mah squad. Like Gary's Eevee in Pokemon Yellow. Because of this, Elk is awesome. He might be a big muncher who likes food, but he has some serious volts behind his belly. Yah. We all love E to Tha K - Elk.

Special Training: Globe

Elk's roundness has given him the power to use Rollout. He also sports a 5% more powerful Rolling Kick. However, we live in a superficial world... Elk can't use Attract anymore.
Muyo: Approved

Egger - Female Togepi, lvl 1

(Also known as Eggy - credits to GrJackass for the tiny variation)

Egger is a one-of-a-kind-case for Togepis. She doesn't have the red and blue things on her egg, all she has is small black stars and hearts. She has also gained black lines around her eyes. I don't know how though. One might think that another E-starting word would fit this lonely eggthing better...

Special Training: Schneak!

Eggy likes darkness and living in the shadows. She has learnt to use her own shadow in a good way, and does now know how to use Shadow Sneak. It takes 20% extra energy to use, though.
Muyo: Approved

E-Psych - Male Ralts, lvl 1

E-Psych is the offspring of a Gardevoir and a Gallade who really disliked each other. Rumours are that the two psychic pokeparents are... Well, we shouldn't put faith in rumours like that. Anyway, E-Psych was found in the Sibirian frozen woods. Since nothing than Swinubs lives over there, I got a bit confused. After a while, it appeared like E-Psych have been travelling around quite a bit. On his travel bag, he has stickers from Mallorca, Australia, Nigeria, Russia and Madagaskar, to name a few.

Special Training: I've tasted lots of climates

Since Ralts is great globetrotter, he will feel more comfortable in Sandstorms, Hailstorms and other harsh climates. However, he feels like everyone should have the right to travel as they wish and WILL NOT use Mean Look anymore.
Muyo: Approved

Ember - Female Cyndaquil, lvl 1

If this was Pokemon Diamond, Ember would sport a Timid nature.


This is ASB though. Natures barely exists. Which is why we enjoy it, huh? Oh well. Back on track - Ember is, as previously stated, really Timid. What she really hates is Ghosts. Ghosts are creepy sons of *************. H
owever, being a real battler, Ember has found a way to take care of these creepy sons of **. (Eggy helped out quite a bit here)

Special Attack: Ghostbuster (Fire)

Ember unleashes a Foresight/Ember-ish kind of beam from her mouth towards the opponent, which works have all the Foresight effects (ghosts are physical etc). Hower, Ghostbuster can also give the opponent major burns. This consumes the energy of a Foresight and a Will-O-Wisp, and takes as much time as Foresight does. Can only be used three times per battle... And, of course, it works only on pogeys with Ghost typing.
Muyo: Approved

Eclipse - Female Gligar, lvl 1

Eclipse has hanged around with me since about ten years ago, when I was really young and didn't know how to battle proberly. I also thought it was kinda lame that she couldn't evolve into some kickass killer-scorp. However, just recently it appeared that others of the same kind have started doing that, so me and Eclipse decided that maybe we should battle out a bit to make her look get the cool look.

Special Training: Haxphail

When Eclipse found out how other Gligars evolved into Gliscors, she made a plan - Let's be HaXx0rs! She bought an AR on eBay... However, the cheating device was old, and the only thing affected from the haxattempt was Eclipse's claws, which are now Gliscor-sized and Gliscor-looking. Every claw attack will inflict 120% of the normal damage, and require 120% of the normal energy.
Muyo: Approved

Elixir - Male Duskull, lvl 1

Elixir is a party boy. The reason for this is that he noticed that neither Elixirs or Ethers are in the stores. Thus, he decided that everyone should be able to get a little bit of Elixir! Hahah!

Special Training: SingStar

Every party needs music, and thus, Elixir can use Sing.
Muyo: Approved

iamnotdewgongyet - Male Seel, lvl 1

This little fellow has a frozen heart. (I'm such a poet - lovely typing joke, no?) She doesn't have a name that starts with E... She doesn't even have a name that starts with a capitalized letter! Everyone who sees her feels bad for her.

No sig move
Muyo: Approved

Originally Posted by Dosuser
Metagro├č: Male Beldum
Metagro├č is a totally metal dude. One day, Kuno's voice boomed out, "YOUR STRUGGLE TOTALLY MAKES YOU METAL." This benediction fueled Metagro├č' determination to keep struggling to the very end. In his neverending struggle to fulfill his destiny, Metagro├č sought out Morg for enlightenment. Morg looked with respect upon Metagro├č' tireless struggle and permitted him to train alongside his Magikarp. Now, Metagro├č has learned not to be mastered by its struggle, but to be the master of its Struggle.

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