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Here's hoping these updates are going to work...

Rheza: Level 2 Male Scyther
Travelling deep within a jungle forest area, I managed to stumble upon a well-kept secret. It was a haven of bugs – a bugs’ paradise if you like. The bugs that lived there all lived in harmony and they all has an interesting symbiotic relationship with the small bugs that also lived there. Since they are too small to ever be used as Pokémon, these bugs just clung to the other bugs. They are so small, that you can’t tell them from the host since they have lived so long with their host, they camouflage to their skin colour. When I met Rheza here, he was quite happy to come along with me, and he also taught me how the symbiotic relationship worked.
Special Technique: Chuuton, Mushi Dama (Bug)
Rheza sends out the tiny bugs on his skin as a swarm the envelopes the opponent. They steal energy from the opponent equal to 0.75x a Giga Drain and they fly back to Rheza, giving him the stolen energy. The bugs are otherwise non-existent and don’t make a difference to the way Rheza battles, how he takes damage or how he deals it. The bugs are susceptible to Fire-type attacks, but only when they are not attached to his body. If they are in flight, the fire kills them. Of course, before the next match, Rheza makes sure he has the few remaining bugs mate enough times to give him plenty.
Muyo: I'd rather not have bug armies for anything but Vespiquen. Rejected

Blade: Level 2 Male Kirlia
Blade has been training all his life. He has always been against fighting to solve problems, and instead he has always tried talking to resolve issues. Since meeting me, he has come to understand that fighting is mostly a necessary thing, especially with me. However, as a result he started some special training and has finally returned to me with the results. This training was specifically to master the art of the fighting style that is known as Juuken.
Special Training: Seiton, Juuken (Psychic)
Blade has a special fighting ‘mode’ known as Juuken. This is a hand-to-hand combat style that stays on the back foot and tries to dodge as much as possible, using the opponents weight against them like in Judo. Beginning this fighting ‘mode’ counts as a move in battle and must be ordered. Conversely, Blade can stop using Juuken when ordered to do so, but this does not count as an attack. When he uses Juuken, he expends energy equivalent to a 1.5x Foresight every round in order to maintain this style. The style also includes putting some energy in his palms so that with every hit that makes physical contact, extra energy is put into the area touched so that each hit has a 10 % chance of partial paralysis of the limb touched. This increases the energy usage of all attacks that make physical contact take an extra 20 % energy to use.
Muyo: Approved

Elli: Level 2 Female Lileep
I rescued Elli from a river bed that she was wandering down one day. However, I should be more specific, she had be completely submerged by the most torrential rains the previous 2 weeks and she wasn’t able to get away from the water. When I rescued her, she instantly tried to use Ingrain to regain some health and energy. Instead, she found she was able to tap into the water basin in the ground and use a good amount of the water for attacks and whatnot.
Special Attack: Suiton, Mizu no Tatsumaki (Water)
Lileep grounds herself and becomes immobile like an Ingrain. She then pulls up water from the ground and is able to generate water energy as a result. This energy flows through her and she unleashes it instantly on her opponent in a strong jet of water. The energy created is used for the attack, but it depends entirely on the type of ground that Elli has stuck herself into. Should the ground be solid Clay she cannot use the attack, if she’s is on Sand with no water nearby the amount of energy she generates would be only 0.25x a Water Pulse. On Grassy fields, it is 0.5x a Water Pulse; on forested areas due to the water they keep close to their roots, it is 0.75x a Water Pulse; on a Swamp it is 1x Water Pulse; and near bodies of water she can generate up to 1.25x Water Pulse. The damage done is the same as the energy generated.
Muyo: Approved

Adding sigs for my three new partners..

Verim: Level 2 Male Skorupi
I met Verim on a sunny afternoon. It wasn’t too hard to find him since he was running in circles. It was obvious that Verim loves his tail. He spends forever chasing his tail. This doesn’t affect his battling of course, since he gets to use his tail to beat up his opponents. This fascination is not such a big deal when you learn why he is so fascinated. He has an extra poison sack in his tail and loves that fact. Verim makes his own unique poison in this sack and can use it in one attack.
Special Technique: Dokuton, Satetsu Kaiho (Poison)
Verim gets super close to his opponent and then sticks his tail directly into them so that the poison he release will go straight into their bloodstream. The poison is partial paralytic and works over tie like the toxic effect. In other words, the affected part of the body won’t feel it for at most 3 rounds and then each limb (first arms and then legs) will start to shut down as the poison works its magic. This attack is useable once per match and is only 50 % successful.
Muyo: Overpowered and no energy usage. It's the Jeri special!

Nevallan: Level 2 Male Snover
High in the mountains of the far north, I was trecking and suddenly a storm blew in and I was wondering whether I would be able to survive the night. I tripped and fell and never found a cave. I woke in the morning to find Nevallan standing near me trying to keep as warm as he knew how. He had created these massive ice-walls around me in order to keep out the cold winds. We decided to travel together afterwards – his ability became his special move.
Special Technique: Retsuton, Hakuren (Ice)
Nevallan raises his arm and charges it with Ice-type energy like an Ice Punch, but then he shoots it out like an Ice Beam. This beam is far colder than a normal Ice Beam and it freezes the air instantly. The size of this block is the same size of Nevallan. It is effectively a solid wall of very thick ice that he pushes out from himself. The attacks deals damage equal to 1.5x a Ice Beam and takes the same amount of energy. It can only be used twice per match.
Muyo: Approved

Tempira: Level 2 Female Smeargle
Who would have guessed, but Tempira is a proficient painter. Not only has she managed to become so good at her art, she has perfected one technique she can use in battle.
Special Attack: Nimpou, Choujuu Giga (Normal)
As long as there is a place for her to write on, she takes her tail and quickly draws a picture of 6 lions. This drawing takes effectively no time at all, since as soon as it is finished, it appears to inflate instantly until is has a form in real life as if it were drawn to be 3D. All 6 lions attack the opponent at the same time and move at a rapid speed. The total damage from this is equivalent to a Mega Punch and it uses same energy.

Muyo: Summoning is bad. Rejected

Looks like I might be here to stay...

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