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I think we can all agree that it is disgraceful that the allegation was leaked and even more disgraceful that everyone will automatically think he is guilty even if he is found not to be. I really don't know what more to say about this other than this is 100% a societal problem, a problem with the mindset of the masses. This just shouldn't be happening based on a simple accusation.

I'm also not very comfortable with the alcohol thing. Clearly if someone is drunk they are unable to consent. Well, what if you're drunk too? Suddenly that turns it from not rape to rape based on whether some other person is drunk? Where do you draw the line at being drunk? And you have to admit that unfortunately this opens up the door to false accusations.

I'm going to point fingers here because there has been a perfect example. SoS's reaction is an absolutely perfect example of why groups like TRP get more and more joiners. Partly, of course, because many people are complete assholes. But also because nobody wants to admit that false accusations are a thing. And so, the only people who talk about them tend to be the people who are so far off to the extreme that if you listened to them you'd think rape ever happened, simply because people with less extreme views aren't ever going to talk about it. And it's a problem. A problem so large that it's a big reason why marital rape isn't illegal in India.

Discussion about it isn't easy, obviously. Conducting studies about this is even harder. And of course, it is obviously impossible to actually have a punishment for people who accuse falsefully. It's a difficult and complicated issue, and I can only hope that people who can actually figure it out, at least to a degree, are thinking and working on it. But a gigantic amount of the blame simply has to be put on society for forgetting about innocent until proven guilty.
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