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Know nothing of the specifics of the case Dopple raises, so can't comment.

On the general topic though; I've twice hooked up with someone I wasn't dating whilst I was drunk. The first time, the girl in question was entirely sober (does not drink for medical reasons), I was blackout do not remember it drunk. No-one batted an eyelid. The second time (different girl) we were both drunk. A then friend of mine decided that because the girl in question was drunk (like I also was - we'd all been drinking all night), I was a rapist*, openly accused me of it and still won't talk to me years later.

That's the reality of the culture we live in these days; you can't be a rapist unless you're a man and if you do happen to have a penis you're automatically viewed as a potential sex offender. I'm reluctant to call this feminism going too far because feminism has done and continues to do a great deal of good in the world and men are still the dominant gender with most of the advantages without ever doing a thing to earn them, but there do exist some things made by feminism that are grossly unfair against men and this is one of them. Nothing that outweighs the incredible prejudice that exists against women across most of the world, of course, but that doesn't mean that acknowledging those things that are unfair against men is wrong.

*The girl I hooked up with and I actually started dating immediately, so safe to say she did not agree.
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