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Rape, hook-ups, and other stuffs

Breaking news from the baseball world: Jung-ho Kang accused of sexual assault.

Why am I posting about this? Because the immediate, gut reaction to a circumstance like this is to victim blame. I know victim blaming isn't right given the black/white nature of crime, and I have no investment in this baseball player, but why sexual dynamics are so screwed up now is because of circumstances like this.


-the woman used Bumble, meaning she initiated the hook up with him
-she went to his apartment
-she drank the alcohol he offered her

The vast majority of uses for hook-up apps like this is for casual sex. When you are a single female and go to a professional male athlete's apartment, that context seems pretty clear. It's even more blatant after accepting alcohol from him.

So why am I complaining about this? Because the allegation was leaked. It might be public knowledge so that doesn't matter anyway, but even if this was consensual and Kang gets the charges dismissed, it's reputation damaging. Now, for athletes who are rich and their talent tends to overshadow personal allegations, this is probably not a terrible thing for him.

But for ordinary people, it encourages a sterile, hands-off approach to relationships. It encourages one-sided PC. I believe I've told the story of my sister's music teacher who lost his wife, his job and his military rank because a child falsely accused him of fondling.

There needs to be a better way to protect victims while simultaneously promoting healthy relationships. Modern hook-up culture is extremely exploitative, and I don't think going back to the early 20th century solution of "oppress women" is the right option either.
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