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Meetan – Joe was becoming more and more desperate as he watched the poor Wartortle struggle with the Sludge. He wasn’t feeling too great himself after being hit once so he was really feeling for Franklin and felt pretty helpless. Suddenly, you teleported down the hill and behind Greg. Joe see’s you and is surprised for only a moment but is then immediately relieved to see your Abra because it meant that you are a trainer and they obviously needed some help. Before he even had a chance to greet you, you throw Mimi out onto the field which surprises Greg whom you were behind. He steps back and bumps into you, turning around the instant he realizes that someone is behind him. “Wha!? It’s you!! I thought I told you to scram!” Greg’s reaction grabs Joe’s attention. “Wait… You know this woman?” There was no time for Greg to respond, Mimi throws up a Barrier in order to make sure he doesn’t try running away and then uses Confusion to hold him still. “What… Are… You… DOING!?” Greg is struggling to speak because of the Confusion but he is clearly planning to play dumb, he doesn’t know that you saw anything.

“Whoa whoa whoa!! Miss! He’s a ranger! We’re rangers! I know this looks bad but we are the good guys I promise! Just please try to help Franklin and I will join you as soon as I get one of these pokeballs free.” He points toward the Wartortle and then continues to mess with the balls on his belt. He is also very concerned for Tank and hopes that he didn’t run into any danger of his own but has to help Franklin for the time being. Axel charged into battle and the strategy was a complete success. He used Blow Back on the nearest Trubbish who was blown away and tumbled through the messy sludge by several meters. He instantly followed that up by smashing into the other one with a Zen Headbutt which successfully makes the Trubbish flinch so that it can’t counter in any way before getting hit with the Fire Punch which causes it to tumble right into its friend. (Axel gains 1 level) Finally, Franklin has a moment where more sludge isn’t getting poured onto him and his Rapid Spin does the trick and gets most of it off, while unfortunately getting several drops of it on you, your Pokemon, Joe, and Greg since it was getting flung everywhere. He finally gets to stop spinning and is completely out of breath, he also isn’t looking too good right now, it’s almost as if he’s sick. Joe notices this and reaches inside of a pouch he wears on his hip and pulls out an Antidote, fortunately his pouch was still accessible. He throws the medicine to Franklin who knows what to do and sprays himself with it. “Tortle!” Franklin is looking much better now and runs next to Axel preparing to take those two Trubbish on together. The thing is, the Trubbish aren’t attacking. They have both gotten back up since their tumble but they look like they don’t know what it is they are supposed to be doing now. There is nothing but silence for a while, Mimi lets up on her confusion a bit which makes it so that Greg breaks free from it. Forgetting about the barrier, he goes to run somewhere but smashes into it. “Damnit!!!” He shouts. Joe turns toward Greg who is flustered. “Calm down Greg. They aren’t attacking anymore. We just need to keep a better eye on them.” That’s when Greg just rolls his eyes. “Alright, this really isn’t fun anymore. Okay you two!! Time to take everyone out! Throw down some Toxic Spikes then one of you attack the Wartortle and the other get the Abra! Ignore the Mime Jr. for now but don’t let your guards down! Now, both of you use Acid Spray and follow that up with more Sludge!!” Once Greg is finished, Joe is just shocked as he starts to put all of the pieces together, hopefully he’ll snap out of it soon. What will you do?


Missingno. Master – Everything about Percy reminds you of the various shady salesman that would work in your hometown. This one seems to be totally out there though. Between doing his best to pretend you didn’t exist and just the way he oversells everything in such a fake way, there is no way this guy should be as popular as he acts and it’s time to get to the bottom of this. After picking up the Xtransceiver and discovering that you’re locked out, you decide that the best course of action to take is to play along for now. There must be some reason why this old man won’t go to the berry farm himself so it’s time to investigate!

Fortunately, Oran Orchard was not all that far from where you were. You only had to go up and over 4 large hills on the way which is nothing compared to the exhausting trip you endured to just get to that small pond where Percy was located. One thing you notice as you approach though, is that this place seems to be quite lively today. There are Pokemon flying over the trees and there seems to be some sort of action going on down below on the ground as well. You get closer and everything becomes clearer but you are greeted by a smiling old woman before you can think too much about it. “Why hello there you two! Come on in!” She gestures for you to come through the front gate and begins to lead you over to a small counter that is set up with baskets of berries on it. As you enter you see a teenage girl run by frantically chasing a Rattata. “Y-you give that back!” Then they disappear through some trees. Then you notice two Kricketot that appear to be fighting over a Nanab berry that is now torn in half and somewhat crushed. There are all sorts of little skirmishes like these around you the more you look. Unfortunately, none of the Pokemon you currently see appear to be shiny.

Once you reach the counter the old woman begins to sort a large basket of mixed berries into smaller ones as she talks to you. “Please excuse the chaos, it’s not normally like this.” As she tells you this she continues to have a genuine smile of delight on her face. Suddenly, a man who appears to be in his late 30’s or early 40’s approaches with a basket of Oran Berries in his hand. He isn’t smiling and appears to be exhausted. “Hello sir, welcome to our orchard, I’m Adam. I’m sure Granny Smith here told you about us already though.” Although he is worn out he is still being polite with you. “No, I didn’t get that far yet, dear.” She chuckles. “Ah. Well then I guess I’ll do the honors. This orchard is run by us, the Applewood family. My name is Adam and this is Granny Smith. You’ll also probably run into my daughter Ringo and my son Isaac if you decide to explore the orchard.” He pauses and pinches the bridge of his nose out of exhaustion and before he can speak again a Spearow swoops down and snatches the basket of Oran Berries right out of his other hand. “Ack! Sorry sir! I’ve gotta run!” And off he goes after the bird. Granny Smith chuckles and then begins to explain. “Our orchard isn’t usually this… Lively. But recently there has been a surge in the popularity of the Nanab Berry with a lot of the wild Pokemon around here. It all started after a Zigzagoon, cutest little thing, showed up and calmly picked a few Nanab berries. After that, more and more Pokemon began to come. Eventually, we ran out of Nanab berries and all of the Pokemon just began to run amuck. There are still a few Nanab berries that had fallen from their bushes and blown around the orchard so that seems to be what they are after now. There obviously must be a reason for all of this chaos but I don’t know what that is.” You can’t help but notice how happy Granny Smith seems to be as she explains the situation. “Now you may be wondering why I still look happy. Well, this is the most lively this place has been in decades and I can’t help but find all of this chaos a bit fun. That said, we do obviously need to regain order.”

As she pauses, a Rattata suddenly climbs the counter and pulls an Oran Berry out of one of the baskets she was sorting and chucks it at another Rattata before taking off again. The Oran Berry misses its target and just splatters on the ground. “Well sir, I’d hate to burden you but normally we ask folks to help us out with little errands around the orchard and in return we offer them Berries and Apricorn’s as payment. Well, I can certainly still offer that payment to you but todays errands aren’t exactly small…” She looks out at the wild Pokemon who are causing all sorts of mayhem. You see the teenage girl still chasing the one Rattata in the distance, Adam is still trying to get his basket back from the Spearow, the Kricketot are still fighting over a Nanab Berry that has been torn in half and at this point the halves have been stomped on too, and just then you hear rustling and look toward the sound and watch as another Kricketot appears to have been thrown out of a tree by something and is now on the ground holding a Pecha Berry while crying. You don’t even know how it got up there in the first place. “So, if you would like to help out, the task I would have to ask of you is to maybe solve one of the many little disputes you see within our orchard currently. I’m going to see if I can get to the bottom of this. I don’t suppose you… No. I couldn’t ask a guest to try and solve this entire problem. Just helping out with one of these little messes would be fantastic if you’re willing! You’re welcome to go on ahead, dear!” What will you do?


myahoo – You were very happy to be reunited with your starter now that all of the battling and such is done with. You and Wildfire chat while you wait for Samuel to return which doesn’t take long at all. You’re happy to see that the Poochyena seems to be doing well now, it even gave off a happy howl to let everyone know it’s doing just fine. Then you listened to Samuel as he continued to speak and explaining about the trial that he offers to trainers that want to challenge him but he also asked about the thing you’re searching for as well so you decided to take the opportunity to ask him for some help with that. “Ah, so you’re after a Pidgey!” He doesn’t even seem to need to really think about this one for long since he had heard about one very recently. “Well, earlier a bird watching couple were passing by my cabin while I was out gathering logs. They are the ones who told me about the fires but they were in a hurry, they told me they were helping out with the fires themselves until they had spotted a Pidgey which apparently reminded them of the day they met. As they were telling me their story, the Pidgey flew right over my cabin which grabbed their attention and off they went. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where they would be now since this was before you and I had even ran into each other so some time has passed since then…”

He scratches the back of his head as he thinks about it some more. “You know, if you’re after a Pidgey then I would say your best bet would probably be the Cloud Shrine up on the second level of the Cloud Garden. That place is full of flying types and there is also another trial captain by the name of Jet Avalon who lives there and I’m sure he’d be willing to help you out too.” Samuel is racking his brain for any information that may help in your search and it seems that this is it. “That’s everything I know on Pidgey at the moment. There is a good chance you’ll find one here since there was one flying around earlier or there is an extremely good chance of encountering one at the Cloud Shrine. It’s up to you! There was recently a change to the requirements for getting to the second level too, so now all you would need is to beat one trial on this level to move on to the second. So if you’d like to check out the Cloud Shrine or even somewhere else that the second level has to offer, all you’d have to do is beat my trial if that’s the way you choose to go! Just let me know!” What will you do?
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