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Originally Posted by Sandaa View Post
Kei had done his best to push the Makuhita back up against the ropes, but after doing so, his previous Outrage had left him a bit wobbly and disoriented. Makuhita wheezed as it eased itself back up onto its feet. It was no longer smirking arrogantly at the plucky Charmander, having been pushed well past its usual limits. As Kei took a minute to go over his strategy for the next round of action, Makuhita stomped his feet one at a time, much like a sumo wrestler would.

Frowning at the Charmander, Makuhita looked like it wanted to end things now before the fiery little lizard had any more surprises up his sleeve. As it charged forward, Kei stood his ground and gave Makuhita a nasty glare with his Scariest Face. This caught Makuhita a little off guard, buying Kei time to breathe the flames of a Dragon Rage in its face. Makuhita didn’t seem to enjoy this in the slightest and hit Kei with a quick pair of Arm Thrust jabs. Kei winced but tried his Dragon Rage once again. Overwhelmed by the flames, Makuhita wobbled before landing on its back with a thud. Makuhita was down for the count. Kei has grown 3 levels!

Stufful cheered loudly as Kei emerged victorious once again, seemingly forgetting how shy it was acting earlier. “Stuff stuff!” it exclaimed, putting some more Oran Berries in the corner of the ring as Kei made his return. The Charmander happily chowed down on them, regaining his strength. As the pair of Mankeys struggled to pull the tubby Makuhita out of the ring, Timburr stepped in next and clapped his hands together, congratulating Kei on a job well done.

However, Kei’s trials would not be over just yet. Timburr tossed his wooden plank high into the air like a baton before catching it in one hand effortlessly. He smirked and gestured to himself before using the plank like a pole to reach out to the ringside and ring the bell himself. It appears that Kei’s got one more opponent in store. What will he do?
Kei was certainly fighting to win but he was still surprised when the Makuhita fell backwards completely knocked out. He had thought he was going to be completely done for this time but somehow, he pulled through once again and he even feels stronger than ever before on top of it. Finally, this whole thing could come to an end, he did his part and used everything he had to help Stufful, who is now loudly cheering for Kei. He makes his way over to Stufful with a huge smile, knowing he has done a good thing today. Patches and Mio are also yelling many congratulations at him from their bench. He gladly eats the berries that the Stufful offered him and also thanks Stufful for believing in him. He looks over at his trainer, Patches, and finds it odd that she hasn’t come over to him yet. That’s when it hits him. The only reason she wouldn’t come over would be if this thing isn’t actually over yet.

He begins to sweat a bit and slowly turns around, hoping that his suspicions would be wrong but unfortunately, he quickly finds out he was right. He had seen the Timburr climb into the ring and congratulate him but he just figured that was because he was the one running this thing, not that he would have to fight him. He watches as the Timburr uses his plank to smack the bell and gulps. This is the second time now where he thought this thing was over only to find out it isn’t. How many more of these Pokemon is he going to have to fight? He is getting a headache just thinking about it but he doesn’t have time for that. The bell has rung which means he needs to get his head back in the ring before the Timburr gets an advantage on him. Normally, he would take a moment to lower his opponent’s stats but he doesn’t have time to think of a good strategy just yet. His first reaction is to just run in with a barrage of attacks in hopes that maybe some sort of weakness will be revealed. He charges in with a Body Slam and prepares to immediately follow that up with a Fire Punch! He also keeps in mind that his opponent may attack at any moment so he will need to do his best to Counter them!

Kei grows from lv. 22 to lv. 25

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