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War of the Roses

As the audience roared with applause, Petunia took the stage and approached the microphone. “And there you have it folks! What a beautiful display, let’s give another hand for our wonderful contestants!” The audience cheered once more as the contestants took a bow. The four flower queens joined Petunia on the stage. It had been a long day of eventful challenges, but they remained as composed as ever, not wanting to drop their majestic facades.

“Well, that concludes our event,” Petunia continued, smiling. “You all have been a fantastic group, so I thank all of you for making this event so enjoyable and successful! From the water balloon fight to the scavenger hunt to the beauty pageant, all of your individual and team points have been tallied, so it’s finally time to announce the winner! Now, if my colleagues could please present us with the final scores, we can announce our winners!”

Peony joined Petunia on stage and pulled an envelope out of her purse and presented it to Petunia. Meanwhile, Poppy and Persimmon rolled out the scoreboard signpost, but it had been covered up to draw out the suspense. Petunia opened up the envelope and pulled out the results of the final scores. A smile crept onto her face. Clearing her throat, she addressed the crowd once more.


“Alright, here we go! In fourth place comes Team Bellossom with 11 total points! Let’s give them a round of applause!” The audience cheered as Poppy removed part of the cover that was blocking the scoreboard, showing Bellossom’s name with 4 Team Points and 7 Individual Points. The disappointment on Bellossom’s face was apparent, but she continued to smile innocently through it all and blew a kiss to her team, thanking them for all their effort.

“Next up, we have a tie! With 14 total points, we have Teams Roserade and Tsareena! Let’s give them a hand!” The audience cheered once more as Persimmon and Poppy revealed more of the scoreboard. Roserade finished with 8 Team Points and 6 Individual Points while Tsareena finished with 9 Team Points and 5 Individual Points. Tsareena and Roserade shot each other annoyed glances before turning to wave proudly at their respective teams.

Petunia broke into a grin as Lilligant smugly put her hands on her hips, beaming. “And finally, we have our winning team by a landslide, Team Lilligant with 22 total points! Great job guys! Let’s give them a round of applause!” The audience erupted its loudest as Persimmon revealed the final score on the scoreboard. Team Lilligant finished with 10 Team Points and a perfect 12 Individual Points. Lilligant continued to beam proudly, waving to her team in gratitude.


Poppy and Persimmon rejoined Petunia and Peony on stage. “Now, as we proceed to hand out prizes for the event, our wonderful hostess and sponsor of the Rose Garden will present Lilligant with the crown of victory!” As the garden volunteers brought out a number of items, Primrose Nightingale approached Lilligant with a tiara in her hands. It was a beautiful silver crown with some diamonds and rose-shaped rubies set on it. Lilligant elegantly lowered her head as Primrose placed it before the petals of her flowery crown. “Congratulations,” Primrose said with a warm smile. Lilligant smiled back and lifted her leafy skirt to curtsy. Bellossom, Roserade, and Tsareena rolled their eyes as Lilligant basked in her victory before the three flower queens exited the stage and went to thank their individual teams personally.

By now the volunteers had set up a small table and laid out an assortment of items. “First up is the prize to our winning team; Team Lilligant! Congratulations!” Petunia cheered as Rorik, Alex, and Lucas came on the stage to claim their prizes. “Next up is a prize to the contestants with the top three Individual Points! Congratulations Alex, who finished with 18 Individual Points, Rorik who finished with 14 Individual Points, and Drew who finished with 13 Individual Points!” As the three trainers came up to get their prizes, the scoreboard showed the rest of everyone’s points. With 12 points was Alice, with 11 points was Melissa, Chroma, and Hiero, with 10 points was Jess and Lucas, with 9 points was Seiko, and lastly was Sypher with 3 and Elka with 0.

“The next prize is the participation prize, because without your active involvement throughout the entire event from start to finish, the event wouldn’t have been as successful as it was! Come on up, Drew, Jess, Melissa, Lucas, Rorik, Alex, Chroma, and Alice!” The audience cheered as everyone came up to claim their prizes. “And last but not least, the final prize is the consolation prize; for everyone to enjoy! Thank you all for participating!”

Winning Team Prize: TM Giga Drain & TM Solar Beam
Rorik, Lucas, & Alex
Top Individuals Prize: Big Root, Rose Incense, Heat Rock
Alex, Rorik, & Drew
Participation Prize: Grassium-Z, Leaf Stone, TM Sunny Day, TM Energy Ball
Drew, Jess, Melissa, Lucas, Rorik, Alex, Chroma, & Alice
Consolation Prize: 5 Rare Candies & Miracle Seed
Petunia grinned and watched as everyone claimed their prizes. “Once again I’d like to thank everyone for your participation and support to make this event a smash success! One last announcement that we would like to share from the Rose Garden is that effective immediately, our very own Primrose is now the newest Trial Captain of the Cloud Garden! She may be young, but don’t underestimate her!” Primrose smiled bashfully and bowed before the crowd. She wasn’t used to all of the attention, but she tried her best to confidently face the crowd.

“So with that, I offer congratulations to her and gratitude to you all for coming out today! We hope to see you visit the Rose Garden again soon!” The audience cheered one final time before they began to disperse. As people made their way out of the Rose Garden, a chilling breeze blew across the mountainside. Higher up the mountain, a few snowflakes could be spotted before they melted in the atmosphere.
Rorik stood there in pure disbelief, hearing the crowd's cheers as the event organizers ran down the numbers. As they said his name three times.

"What just... but how could..."

The Professor wasn't completely clueless, of course. He admitted to harbouring the tiniest flicker of hope that he would do well in the team score on the back of Alex and Lucas's clearly superior training skills - without them, Lilligant would've never been able to turn out so lovely as she had. But he'd never expected his team to win by such a landslide... and he certainly didn't expect to win any sort of individual prize on top of it all!

Especially after we did so poorly in that water balloon round... Did I do that well afterwards?

He'd won awards before, but all of them had been academic milestones or standout publications. To actually be selected among the best Trainers of a real outdoors event... How much of it had been dumb luck, and what part of his success could be attributed to skill?

If you asked my father, none of it.

When the ceremony was over, Rorik was holding more gifts than he could carry. He would have been glad to simply be allowed to leave unharmed, but as it turned out, the Garden Rulers were actually benevolent and extremely magnanimous! Still, in fairness, these presents weren't his to keep. If not for the contribution of his two partners, Rorik would've never made it out of Lilligant's domains, let alone succeed in the ordeal.

Clumsily, dropping a couple of items as he tried, Rorik somehow managed to reach for his PokeBalls and release Munchlax and Stahl, the shiny Starmie who had evolved in this very event.

"Congratulations my friends," he said cheerily. "These here are for you! Come on, you deserve it all. You really, really do!"

They had both been absolutely remarkable, each in their own way. Stahl remained flawlessly dedicated throughout, racking up success after success both in the intelectual and the physical tests. Munchlax, in turn, had stepped up to the plate admirably, defending "his" Queen like a sworn knight despite Rorik's expectations, and demonstrating unbelievable creativity in the last stage of the challenge... Only a few months ago, the bear would've categotically ignored all of these tasks in favour of food and sleep. It was truly miraculous to witness how much stronger their bond had grown overtime...

Before the group took their leave, they said their goodbyes to the victorious Lilligant, whose own gratitude was manifested by one last, very special gift: placing her hands on Stahl's and Munchlax's heads, the Queen imparted her knowledge upon the two Pokemon, teaching each of them a technique neither of their species should be able to learn: the starfish was entrusted with Giga Drain, while the bear received Energy Ball!

"Th-thank you, Lilligant," Rorik managed to say with a respectful bow. "I'm glad we could be of service... maybe we'll cross paths again in the future!"

As he finally left the Ruler's domains, Rorik kept going in search of his next adventure, elated over his unexpected success in this ordeal. And all the while, the emerald-like Crystal received as reward was clutched his right hand, because even after all was said and done, one last question lingered in the Professor's mind.

Am I really the right person to wield the power of a Z-Crystal?...


Claiming the quoted prizes.
Teaching TM Energy Ball to Munchlax, Giga Drain to Starmie, Sunny Day + Solar Beam to Charmander.

Thank you so much for this great event! My heartfelt congratulations to Gary, Patches and morningstar for handling it like pros and keeping things interesting from start to finish!
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