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"Thank you." Robin said as she stepped inside, accepting Keith's invitation.

As Keith wouldn't understand her, Hannah said nothing in response to his greeting, though she was sure to give her former trainer a large smile.
Once inside, Keith was quick to ask about the presence on Robin's shoulder, causing the Mudkip in question to roll his eyes.

"Oh, this is Bell." The young trainer replied, gesturing to the mud fish Pokemon.

"He was one of the Pokemon that was traveling with Hannah. S-she actually managed to get a small group together to look for me."
Pom couldn't help but smile with pride as Eon began to list off the things she had been doing in the Ambipom's absence.
Not only had the Eevee pup learned to swim, or made friends with Gersemy, Eon had also decided against evolving. Her reasoning? She wanted to be an awesome Normal type, like her father.

At this, Pom's smile grew wider. While he wasn't so sure about being the awesome Normal type that Eon claimed he was, the Ambipom knew better then to deny it, at least for now.

"Well I think you've already achieved your goal then Eon." Pom said as he placed his daughter back on the ground.
"As far as I'm aware, you're the most awesome Normal type around. No competition."

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