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Okay after deliberating it over with the mods, we have come to a decision. The appliances in the department store will have their price lowered to $500 and will permanently change Rotom's default form to whatever appliance is rented out until the owner of the Rotom makes another rental.

Rotom Cards are an existing hold item in FB and will not be removed. They will be able to change Rotom's form into whatever type that corresponds with the Held Item's description. Think of it the same way that Plates are used to change Arceus/Silvally's types in the games.

Example: Player visits the Department Store and rents out a Refrigerator, turning Rotom's default form into Frost Form. They then equip Rotom with a Heat Card, turning it into Heat Form. They then remove the Heat Card and it reverts back into Frost Form. Then they go back to the Department Store and rent out a Washing Machine. It's default form now becomes Wash Form.

I hope that makes sense lol
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