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As Kawaii crossed the clearing to get to the front door, she would have passed a small number of Pokémon, including a pair of Darumaka duking it out on the outdoor battlefield, and a large Venusaur dozing in the sunlight.

As soon as Kawaii knocked, she would have heard some enthusiastic barking, followed by someone chuckling and saying, "Calm down, Noxie, I'll get it, I'll get it." And seconds later, the doors swung open, and there stood Keith Masters, as well as an unusually colored Mightyena who seemed to be resisting the urge to pounce on her former Trainer and lick her face- Noxie was, after all, still getting used to her larger size following her evolution. "Hey, Kawaii," grinned Keith. "Come on in, come in. Freighya, Cyanide should be in the pool room," he added. "First door on the left, just like my old place."

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