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(OOC: Welcoming Alto to my menagerie of misfits!)

Ribcage Mall


"We'll fill you in on the way," the blue-haired girl -- apparently called Princess -- says, in a jovial tone, pushing you towards the door you'd just come in. Her knitting needles dig into your back, but you don't dare complain. Houston follows at a more leisurely pace, still twirling his bat, and soon you find yourself back out in the parking lot. It seems you're just going nowhere these days, doesn't it? Once you're outside, even Houston finds the hustle in his muscle, and soon all three of you are walking at a brisk clip down the city streets, time apparently of the essence in this 'Mission Syd.' No one, however, is talking, despite promises to the contrary, and just enough time passes that you've opened your mouth to ask again, promising you look just a little like a fool when Houston starts talking over the single, strangled syllable that gets caught in your throat.

"We're hunting down a rat," he says, a bit grimly.

"Syd ain't a rat!" Princess interjects, shrilly. She almost drops a stitch in her furor. Houston sighs, and scratches the scruff on his chin with his free hand, looking and sounding tired.

"Syd's a fucking rat and you know it. Don't matter if there's a ring on your finger or not, it don't change the fact-"

"My Syddie-widdums-"

"Don't start using that fucking baby talk around me Princess-"

The two go in circles for about 45 seconds, and then Houston slaps Princess upside the back of the head. Princess makes a motion as if to stab him with one of her needles, but when she realizes it would ruin her work, she reconsiders, and returns to her craft, muttering obscenities.

"Syd's my twin," Houston finally explains to you, when Princess has cooled her heels. He runs his hand through his curly, red hair. "And, unfortunately, married to this trash."

Princess gives him a dirty look. He laughs.

"We joined the Ribs back when it was just some little nothing-nothing racket and this one still wore trainin' bras. Now we're gonna run this whole city and Syd's flaked."

"Syd's just having a little freakout," Princess dismissed. "That's why we're on our little mission. We're going to hunt down my sugary little cookie cake and resolve this whole... situation."

The two haven't actually given you a whole lot of information, other than that Syd is Houston's twin and Princess' spouse and that apparently, Syd has defected from the Ribs for some reason. You don't get much time to consider these facts or even ask questions, however, as the relative quiet of the afternoon is shattered by the deformed sound of ice cream truck music, played at the wrong tempo. A moment later, a heavily graffiti-ed van covered in defaced stickers illustrating various sugary sweets comes barreling around a corner. It screeches to a halt near you, one tire having jumped the sidewalk. Princess groans. Houston whoops. A blonde man with spiked hair leans out the side window where one might traditionally deliver confections, a bright grin on his face.

"Princess, baby!" He yells. "When did you get so fat?"

"Eat me, Ryan," She informs, making a lewd gesture with one hand. Looking close, you realize he has a familiar series of ciphers tattooed on his neck -- he too is a Rib.

"Where have you been, Ryan my man?" Houston greets. In what is apparently a loving gesture, he takes his bat and puts a nice new dent into the side of the van with it. Ryan makes his own obscene gesture, before diving back inside. A moment later, he emerges, with three popsicles in his fist.

"Hey, I've been working on a new flavor," he informs, extending the frozen goodies out to you, apparently willing to let you have the first one. They're a peculiar shade of yellow, and have a strange, pungent odor. You don't recognize it. Mango? Durian? Princess and Houston don't look like they're in any rush to accept the snack. What will you do?

(Declared: Panpour)

Michael was hurried out of the door quite quickly, barely managing to catch hold of Blue before the Panpour fell off his back. He tried to hide his relief that he and Blue hadn't been pummeled into the dirt. Looks like they were safe - for now. As long as they co-operated of course.
Princess and Houston walked the streets with great haste, with Michael following the two quite nervously. Blue could almost feel his trainer tense up under his paws. No-one was saying anything! Michael couldn't take this unbearable silence. He needed sound, he needed noise, something, anything! If they weren't going to say anything, he wo-

Michael's inner monologue was interrupted by Houston finally explaining the details of 'Mission Syd'. He tried to concentrate on the entire thing, but by the time Houston and Princess had finished arguing and actually told him what they were out to do, he had forgotten most of it. As far as he could remember though, this 'Syd' dude was Houston's twin and Princess' spouse, he'd defected from the Ribs and they were off to find out why. Seemed easy enough, right? Except for the part where he didn't actually get the plan at all. He was about to ask for another quick runthrough when a strange sound blared from around the corner. The sound was followed by an ice cream truck that blasted around the corner, screeching to a halt near the three trainers. Blue actually did fall off Michael's shoulder then, startled by the vehicle. The truck's driver - apparently named Ryan - was another Ribs member judging by the markings on his neck and the way that Princess and Houston only playfully fucked with him instead of maliciously. He also seemed to be a bit of a confectioner, as he handed the three trainers strange, yellow coloured ice lollies.
Michael absentmindedly started to suckle on the tip of the ice lolly as he pondered what he should do with it. Princess and Houston didn't seem to want theirs. Maybe he should follow their lead? He swirled his tongue around the lolly, before taking most of it into his mouth. He didn't exactly know where the thing came from, after all. And the colouration was a bit suspect. Maybe he should also decline the confection. He didn't know where it had been. And considering a Ribs member gave it to him, it could have been anywhere. Maybe it was safer to say no...

Michael continued to eat the ice lolly.

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