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Shanty Heights


Fearlessly, you jump into the bucket line, your loyal Shellder and Lotad volunteering their services for the good of the community as well. Their help is perhaps the most valuable, as their capacity to move water is much greater than any man. Chunks of searing lumber fall. Workers in the chain grunt and heave as they throw pail after pail. Your Pokémon struggle to keep up the pace. Slowly, but very steadily, the flames begin to shrink. Then, there are only embers. Soon, the structure stands, charred and wet, but still at least partially intact, salvageable items inside and neighboring homes safe. The people of the neighborhood, cheering, surround you and the firefighters. A group of small children pick up Paleon and begin to parade him up and down the block. An elederly woman, muttering incoherently, lays a string of heirloom pearls at the base of Becky's shell as an offering of thanks, until Samatha puts them back in her hand and assures her than the Shellder has no need of them. For a good twenty minutes, the area is pandemonium as people celebrate, cry, search for loved ones, thank the bucket chain, thank you, thank Paleon and Becky, and ensure the condition of their homes. Eventually, things settle down, your Pokémon are returned to you -- Paleon with some suspect looking lipstick marks on his cute little face -- and you're left in the clearing street with Samantha, Mathilda, Jeremy, the rest of the fire fighting corp, and the family of the burned house. The corp and the family are working together to assess the damage and clear the wreckage, and Mathilda is doing her best to make sure your crew is is in the best condition it can be, when Jeremy approaches.

"That was... very brave of you," he says, face drenched in sweat. He looks haggard; considering all the charred plots you'd seen on your way into the city today, you can only assume he'd been running around dealing with fires all morning. "You're... not with the Marshals, and you're not one of my volunteers. Why would you jump in like that?"

"She's here to rescue people!" Mathilda chimes in, innocently, before you can answer. Jeremy grins at his cousin, before looking to you. "A good Samaritan, eh? You know, there have been a lot of fires around here, lately. I'm with the Marshals, myself. They sent me out here to train people. We got a camp, just on the other side of the borough, for volunteers. If you're interested, we could always use more hands. What do you say... want to be a firefighter?"

You came here to help the refugees, but it looks like the people of Shanty Heights have a more dire problem. What will you do?

(Declared: Espeon, Shellder, Lotad, Whimsicott)

Kawaii looked stunned she had never imagined that the people would accept her this quickly. The female trainer smiled and nodded "Of course I would. I wanted to come here to help!"
Becky hopped happily while Paleon smiled at the attention. Frieghya looked up at her trainer and asked a question psychically. Kawaii gave a smalk nod and returned her attention to the refugee's "Do you guys know what is causing the fires? Maybe its a mischevious fire-type." she offered "If we can find the source it could be easier to put up protection."
Meanwhile Frieghya and Cerno turned their attention to the ruined building. Frieghya began sorting through the rubble for usable peices using her psychic powers. The Espeon would then lift the beams into place while Cerno used his sticky cotton spore attack to fix them in place.

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