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Originally Posted by Marion Ette View Post
Broken glass, shattered dreams – Shanty Heights was littered with the refuse of its former glory, and perhaps there was some irony here that Jade, who shared a name with a rare and precious stone, found herself currently behind a dumpster bin. Accompanied by the hoodie-clad Maxwell, whose practical choice of fashion keeps his bright orange fur from standing out, the pair had decided to scope out an apartment building in search of refugees to escort out of the city. The gunfire had ceased, at least for the moment, and though a reprieve from that horrific sound was always welcomed, the silence had grown uneasy. As Jade waits for the perfect opportunity to dart through the front door and properly begin her search, strange noises begin to emanate from behind the entrance, growing louder and louder, until the door bursts open, revealing two muscular, tattooed figures with sawed-off pistol-grip shotguns in their hands. Though the Shells had not been in formation long enough to have uniforms per se, Jade has been in the area long enough to know that the rough street attire the two wear would certainly put them right at home in their camp. Most unusual about their appearance, however, are the large, painful-looking welts all over their bodies...

“NOT THE COMBEES! NOT THE COMBEEEEES” one of them screeches through her over-exerted panting, as she runs for her life.

“SHUT UP AND RUN,” the other barks. Fortunately, the path of their escape leads these goons in the opposite direction of the dumpster behind which Jade crouches. It seems, however, that the shouting of these two thugs is not the only source of sound, as a vicious buzzing noise fills the apartment entrance, as at least a dozen male Combees form a defensive formation around the door. Behind the formation of Combees, a barefoot young man in tattered clothes staggers forward, his arms crossed over his chest. “That's right -” he attempts to begin a taunt in the direction of the tattooed figures, before stumbling a bit, wincing in pain. Immediately, the bees turn around, and though Jade may not understand the language which these bees speak, the formerly threatening nature of their buzz has changed dramatically in nature – something about the soft, trembling nature of the hum indicates a shared sense of worry. The young man shakes his head, attempting to stand tall, though it soon becomes clear by the blood trickling down his left side that his crossed arms are hiding a significant injury.

“Go check on the others,” he orders, and all but one of the bug Pokemon present comply immediately, flying back inside. One, however, remains, flying close to the trainer in inspection, its three pairs of eyes all focused on the blood, looking on with concern.

“That was an order, Florian,” the man growls. “What would Abella say if she saw you disobeying?”

The bee stops a moment to consider... and then begins gently flying into the man's left arm, poking it perhaps as a request for it to lift so that the Pokemon may inspect the injury. The young man lowers his head. “Stubborn little brat,” he mutters, but the words are muttered so softly, and with such regret and sadness, that it would be difficult to construe his utterance as intended to insult.

A strange scene, indeed. How will Jade and Maxwell respond?

OOC: thanks for picking me up! slightly intimidated but I'll use that to actually respond in a timely manner, hopefully! =p

"Can't say I'm not a fan of those Combee, Max." Jade whispered to her companion with a sly smile. Any misfortune that came to the Shells was absolutely deserved, as far as she saw. As she had crept forward towards the outer edge of the building, peering around the side, she had quickly hit the side when she saw the thugs run around the side covered in welts. She had poked her head around to see who she had to thank for this blessed display. When the yellow pokemon came into sight, she ducked back behind the wall. The possibility that maybe these Combee didn't have a particularly strong moral compass, and maybe they just stung that guy for fun, was a bit too likely for her to go high five them right away.

She listens closely for any further signs, and upon hearing a man's voice, she pokes one eye out with Maxwell crouched under her, looking as well. The Combee seemed at least concerned about this man, meaning she was inclined to agree with them. After seeing the whole event take place, Jade decides this man and his Combee friends may want to get out of the city. The Shells might come back for revenge, or maybe that injury could get worse. "Let's move. Keep it diplomatic, he's probably a little on edge, alright?" Jade nudged Max as she spoke, and he looked up and nodded.

Jade took a step into the open space and waved at him, hoping he would notice her fairly obvious presence. Max sprinted out ahead a bit more. The trainer gave a peace sign with her hand and spoke as quietly as she could to get the message across the distance, slowly stepping forward with her other hand on the wall as she talked. "I'm Jade, this is my Buizel, Maxwell. Do you need help? Big fan of what you did to the Shells there."
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