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Originally Posted by Tyoyo3131 View Post
Where were you when you heard that the city was in anarchy? That's a question Jade never expected to hear or ask. Bedlam Ridge was a pitstop in her journey, as far as she was concerned. While the city was booming, and the gold jewelry was stunning in every local shop, Jade didn't have the money to live here. Besides that, she didn't trust Maxwell to not lead her Pokemon into trouble in the bustling streets, ripe for petty thieving. Maybe that would be good for her little family, though. Cities were bound to have more adventure than the small towns she had been passing through, and her art would probably sell better in the city.

Bedlam Ridge couldn't hold those dreams any more. This place was too broken for her to imagine a future in it. She was in Shanty Heights, visiting a poor family she had met the day before; a middle aged couple with a daughter. Jade was in the small apartment, a cup of tea in her hand and talking to the couple about being a Pokemon trainer while Alice and Euen played on the floor with the kid. The TV, playing some talk show at low volume, sputtered out a message for the city from the Goldenridge Marshals to stay indoors. Jade stood up immediately, as the couple watched the TV in shock as it relayed the death of the council members and the disappearances of the other two. Euen rolled to Jade as Alice looked up, confused and nervous.

"C'mon you two. We've got some heroics to do, alright?" Jade said, lifting two Pokeballs from her bag. She committed herself to find the other two council members; maybe she wasn't the best for the job, but her team was crafty. She never thought they would reveal themselves, especially those guilty of murder. While she wouldn't take the side of either gang causing chaos in the city, the Shells were the enemy and von Argentus holding power was the worst thing she could imagine.

While Jade wasn't the type to go after the head of the hydra, she had to do something. Her time since the chaos started has been spent in Shanty Heights with her team, escorting refugees out of the city and listening for rumors to pass on to the marshals. At some point, Max had snuck out and stolen a pamphlet from the Lietuenant and, while Jade never had a meeting, she considered herself strongly allied with the marshals.

Today, she was sneaking into another apartment building to look for refugees or lost Pokemon belonging to trainers. Maxwell followed behind in a black hoodie Jade kept in her bag for him; something about his bright orange coat wasn't conductive to stealth. She hadn't heard gunfire for a while as she sat behind a dumpster around the back of the building, waiting for a good chance to come around and sprint into the building.
Broken glass, shattered dreams – Shanty Heights was littered with the refuse of its former glory, and perhaps there was some irony here that Jade, who shared a name with a rare and precious stone, found herself currently behind a dumpster bin. Accompanied by the hoodie-clad Maxwell, whose practical choice of fashion keeps his bright orange fur from standing out, the pair had decided to scope out an apartment building in search of refugees to escort out of the city. The gunfire had ceased, at least for the moment, and though a reprieve from that horrific sound was always welcomed, the silence had grown uneasy. As Jade waits for the perfect opportunity to dart through the front door and properly begin her search, strange noises begin to emanate from behind the entrance, growing louder and louder, until the door bursts open, revealing two muscular, tattooed figures with sawed-off pistol-grip shotguns in their hands. Though the Shells had not been in formation long enough to have uniforms per se, Jade has been in the area long enough to know that the rough street attire the two wear would certainly put them right at home in their camp. Most unusual about their appearance, however, are the large, painful-looking welts all over their bodies...

“NOT THE COMBEES! NOT THE COMBEEEEES” one of them screeches through her over-exerted panting, as she runs for her life.

“SHUT UP AND RUN,” the other barks. Fortunately, the path of their escape leads these goons in the opposite direction of the dumpster behind which Jade crouches. It seems, however, that the shouting of these two thugs is not the only source of sound, as a vicious buzzing noise fills the apartment entrance, as at least a dozen male Combees form a defensive formation around the door. Behind the formation of Combees, a barefoot young man in tattered clothes staggers forward, his arms crossed over his chest. “That's right -” he attempts to begin a taunt in the direction of the tattooed figures, before stumbling a bit, wincing in pain. Immediately, the bees turn around, and though Jade may not understand the language which these bees speak, the formerly threatening nature of their buzz has changed dramatically in nature – something about the soft, trembling nature of the hum indicates a shared sense of worry. The young man shakes his head, attempting to stand tall, though it soon becomes clear by the blood trickling down his left side that his crossed arms are hiding a significant injury.

“Go check on the others,” he orders, and all but one of the bug Pokemon present comply immediately, flying back inside. One, however, remains, flying close to the trainer in inspection, its three pairs of eyes all focused on the blood, looking on with concern.

“That was an order, Florian,” the man growls. “What would Abella say if she saw you disobeying?”

The bee stops a moment to consider... and then begins gently flying into the man's left arm, poking it perhaps as a request for it to lift so that the Pokemon may inspect the injury. The young man lowers his head. “Stubborn little brat,” he mutters, but the words are muttered so softly, and with such regret and sadness, that it would be difficult to construe his utterance as intended to insult.

A strange scene, indeed. How will Jade and Maxwell respond?
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