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Originally Posted by Raves View Post
The Temporary City Zone
The Bastion of Vacuous Dreams (Neutral): The centrepiece of the city located fittingly in the middle, the Bastion of Dreams was the main government building, stretching into the skies, and where the Goldenridge Council met their bloody end. The enormous structure yet stands, but no side dares to contest for the obvious vantage for fear of what lies within. Legends state that the building was constructed above and around a shrine to a creature of unknown origin said to sway the minds of those who happened upon it. As a result, it is largely abandoned, and many of the valuable documents within are up for grabs, though rumours have it that the final survivor of the council resides within, watching the world crumble around her, with an enigmatic force keeping her safe. Even the deities know not what pokemon are brave enough to reside within, but one thing is certain: those who have ventured in...have never emerged again. Reply in Dark Green.
OoC:Time for some ambience, eh?

"No, absolutely not. Not with the Mistress in the current state she is in. In no way are you storming a mansion by yourself with nothing but your gun for protection." A loud voice rang over the cellphone that Lillian had precariously perched next to her ear. She herself was going over her supplies: gauze, peroxide, various minor painkillers, and ammunition. All things she was going to need if she was going to make the trek into the Bastion, looking for clues. "Are you listening to me Lillian? What in the world is possessing you to wandering around Bedlam in its current state?" Lillian paused, adjusting the phone slightly so that she could talk into it easier. "You hadn't heard? They said that the Goldenridge council was viciously murdered her. Except for one. I can't imagine how they must feel, isolated and potentially even hurt. So I'm going to save them." Lillian spoke calmly into the phone, but that only seemed to inflamed the voice on the other end. "I have no idea what Remi sees in you. I think since you were miraculously revived you've somehow gotten even dumber than before." Vitriol poured out of the phone, but Lillian didn't seem very perturbed by it.

"Quiet, Morgana. Besides, I had been told that Remilia was recovering quite well. She doesn't need my help at any rate. I figured in a mansion this old there might be some kind of priceless relic to pilfer. That's the theme of these kind of places right?" If Morgana was alone, she would have started screaming at Lillian from the other end of the phone. Or just screamed. "Only if its a _very_ priceless relic and _only_ if you're intending to give it to Remilia after. There better be something in it for her while you're off putting yourself at risk." The phone hung up then, Lillian remarking on what a hot-headed individual Morgana was. Even for a Luxio. She put the phone in one of her bags, pulling out the gun and inspecting it, making sure everything seemed in working order. Bullets in the chamber, cocked easily. Lillian nodded, taking the gun in her right hand, before walking up closer to the Mansion.

"Surely other people have come in for their own vices. I wonder where they are." Lillian looked at the ground, but there was no signs of any footprints in the path. "Either they all left a while ago or they're all dead. How troubling." She walked up to the front door, wondering if she should find a different way inside. She decided against it though. Better to take the path one knows is open than search for the path that could be closed. There probably wasn't any stock to the rumors anyways. Lillian opened the door, and took a step forward before chuckling.

"That said, it would be a horrible night for a curse."

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