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Surely, the NeoKnight Gym had never been so hot. Sweat formed on Jake Celeste's brow seconds after he entered. The Trainer could have sworn the Raid Boss this time was a Heatran! Thankfully, it wasn't. Just a Coalossal. From Galar, Jake guessed. It wasn't a Pokémon he was familiar with.

Buizel, Jake's starter Pokémon, stood by the training Aura Guardian's side. He was Jake's choice for this battle, and not without good reason. This Raid Boss had to be a Fire-type and a Rock-type, since the den was heating up quickly, and Rock was one of this Gym's specialties. What better way to counter both Fire and Rock than Water? And Ground, of course, but Jake's Tympole hadn't learned any Water-type moves yet, much less evolved.

Jake pulled out his high-tech Pokédex and scanned the Coalossal. He had to see what kind of Pokémon it was.

Coalossal, the Coal Pokémon. A Rock and Fire-type. While it's engaged in battle, its mountain of coal will burn bright red, sending off sparks that scorch the surrounding area.

Just as Jake suspected. He put his Pokédex away and turned to Buizel. "Ready for your first Max Raid Battle?"

"Buizel!" the Sea Weasel Pokémon grinned. He was ready to face his opponent and put out that fire for the sake of everyone here!

"Alright!" Jake smiled. "Then let's get started!"

Jake paused for a moment to consider the options Buizel had. Really only Water Gun and Waterfall. The latter move packed more power, but it was also a move that made contact, and Jake didn't know if Coalossal had the Ability Flame Body. The former move, meanwhile, was weaker but the safer option.

In the end, however, Jake went with power, not playing safe. He was going to take his chances! What if the Coalossal didn't have Flame Body after all? That precaution would have been a waste. "Now, Buizel! Soak that Coalossal with your Waterfall!" he instructed.

"Bui!" Buizel deftly struck the ground with his hands despite the heat. The ground cracked, and seconds later, a gushing torrent of water rose out of the crack. Buizel jumped onto the water and delivered a watery blow to the Dynamax Boss, "Zel!", before landing back in front of Jake. The water died down and seeped back into the crack.

"Nice job, Buizel!" Jake commented. "Let's start to see more of that bravery!"

(OOC: Buizel uses Waterfall (80 BP) as his first move.)

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