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Closing his eyes and settling into a deep concentration, Lucian begins to clear his mind of all distractions in favor of focusing solely on the task at hand: beating the ever living shit out of the lowly weasel in front of him. Seeing his now zen foe in a state of deep concentration, Sneasel giggles wickedly, slamming his glowing leg directly into the back of Lucian's kneecap. The doglike creature topples to the ground harshly, grunting in pain from the low blow, and turns to face his once more approaching foe. Fortunately for Lucian, his dark-furred friend is a little caught up with all the webbing, and can't quite get to him before he opens his maw and fires a brilliant silver cannonball of energy directly into his abdomen. Sneasel doubles over in agony, screeching with fury, before grabbing Lucian by the neck and slamming his head down into the cold, hard dirt with incredible might. Lucian groans as he feels Sneasel's incredibly sharp claws dig into his neck, as Sneasel smirks in his rather dominant position.

Sneasel took a pretty intense hit from Lucian's Flash Cannon, although his vision remains unimpaired. Lucian is still fresh, and suffered similar damage to Sneasel, although he is pinned by the throat. Not a fun position.


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