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Deciding Honchkrow to be at too much of a risk to continue the battle, her trainer recalls her to her Poke Ball, replacing her with the familiar figure of Skuntank. Toneae hisses at this, having been relishing the chance to take down the crow, but responds accordingly regardless. Rapidly shuffling her front legs over one another, she generates a shearing blast of sound which ripples through the air, crimson waves slamming against the body of Skuntank. The skunk backs away, recoiling from the damage, but soon comes back in force. Roaring into the air the best she can, she sends wave upon wave of thickened black energy coursing through the air, grinning with malice as they break over the body of Toneae. The Galvantula backs away, not enjoying the pressure, but her body crackles with vibrant intensity even while she endures the onslaught. Without warning, the air is ripped asunder by a ferocious boom, a blinding pillar of energy extending from Toneae. Arcing in the air, the pent up force smashes down into the body of Skuntank, and while she fights to retain consciousness, she fires back her own vehemence. Hardened orbs of sludge rain down around Toneae, exploding violently.

Toneae into her second third now, but Skuntank is just into critical. Toneae is tiring slightly but can manage two if needed, Skuntank fresh enough.
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