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Credits to blaze for giving me a cool idea due to our battle.

Damion: Level 4 Male Drapion
"A man's strength is measured by those he protects, not those he defeats."
A dedicated veteran of many a battle, Damion is the big-hearted leader of the famed warrior's guild. Very few can match him in solo combat, and testing his strength is a point of pride for him.
But who was he before all this?
A young fighter, dedicated to justice. Dedicated, yet naive. Despite his ideals, he didn't even know what he fought for. He didn't truly know what justice was. But, as he grew, his mind changed. No longer was he quite so concerned about some abstract ideal. He fought for his friends, and he counted on them to set him straight when he wandered off the path.
...Maybe he found his 'justice', afterall.
Hidden Power - Fighting

Signature Attack: To The Fight (Fight)
An attack specialized for quickly closing distance, Damion fuels his legs with energy to perform a truly spectacular jump. Arcing high enough to avoid most ground-based moves, Damion descends on his target and smashes them from above with a dual-armed smash, dealing significant fighting damage for significant energy. This attack has enough strength to effectively leap across the majority of arenas. At close range, Damion is free to focus on height rather than distance, which can boost the power of the attack due to the added momentum, ref's discretion.

Mercutio: Most arenas? I don't see that happening. Give us a distance. Rejected.

Allie: Lv1 Female Flabebe (Light Green Flower)
"I'll show you what I can do!"
Every once in a while I pick a swath of my team and send them on an expedition as a teamwork-building exercise. Once, I thought it was a good idea to have Jet lead one of these. And have Clocks go along. Since they both need the practice. And the teambuilding. Yang to counter Jet's impulsiveness and Lily to counter Clocks's passiveness and they were set to go!
...They came back with an extra member.
Allie, of course, comes from a family of flower-keepers. Her parents are something like florists, and her grandmother is something like a mad scientist with plants. Her brother sold his soul for power over fire or something inane like that. Which at first I was a little incredulous of but I guess I can see where he's coming from when you consider that they basically live in a giant greenhouse-like biodome and the sun is technically a giant ball of fire so I guess it occurred to him as something really powerful??
But anyways. Allie's a kind soul, pleased to help with anything. Although she's surprisingly upfront and daring. She noticeably gets a lot of her mannerisms from her parents, and her bliss when talking about plants is something to behold. On the other hand, it's obvious her grandmother's genes didn't vanish- The first reaction of most people when they see her 'darlings' is to dash for the nearest exit. To be fair, she could probably avoid that reaction if she didn't make her creations so bloody huge. She's very fond of Yang, and if the two are in close proximity she's likely to be dragging him around or clinging onto him. Which has eternally doomed Yang to the title of 'Team member most likely to have a harem'. She gets along with most everyone, and is a valuable asset to the team.
...Though every once in a while Lily starts giggling and mumbles something about tentacles when she's around and that's. Kinda disturbing.

Signature Move: Flora Genesis (Various)
Allie gathers massive energy into rings of verdant energy, which quickly solidify into many seed-like spheres of energy. These explode outwards and downwards, swifty digging into the earth and taking root. Each round, the 'seeds' gain energy from the ground equivalent to that of Ingrain. When they store up enough energy, they perform an attack suiting to the arena (with identical rules to Nature Power) on a random foe, then retreat back underground and continue stockpiling. Energy is never carried over from one 'cycle' to the next, even if the attack they call uses less energy than the total amount the seeds have stored. Being energy and not actual plants, the seeds can survive in most any environment but, well, for a surface like, say, concrete, they're not going to penetrate too far, and their rate of energy absorption will be... Utterly abysmal. The amount of energy required to perform the attack is equivalent to how much energy it would take a pokemon to perform the attack under the influence of Nature Power.

Mercutio: I'm not sure about this. Clarify how often this can happen while I consult with Jeri. Rejected.
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