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Lv. 2 Male Ledian
A never-give-up Pokemon. It was raised in a tough city, where he often had to fend for himself. Due to this, he has a good experience of battling, fighting both wild and trainer Pokemon. He is also determined in any situation, even at disadvantaged time. Despite his strength in battling, he is humble and cares for his teammates. His strength has brought him some attractions from the opposite genders, though he is usually oblivious.

I found him in the streets of Veilstone City during my Sinnoh journey, where he was beating up some miserable Team Galactic grunts. Impressed, I battled him and caught him. WOOT!

Signature Training: Fighter
The rough skirmishes of Veilstone City wasn't the only thing that Touma got from there. Due to a lot of physical combats, Touma is now considered familiar to fighting type, as a water type would be to ice moves. At the expense of gaining two fighting moves: Aura Sphere and Flying Press, he loses Swagger, Attract, Captivate, Thief, Fling, Protect, Giga Impact, Hyper Beam and Baton Pass. All attacks that do not damage the foe directly will cost 25% more energy (such as Swords Dance, though moves like Bide don't count).

Hidden Power: Ground

Mercutio: Clarify that last sentence, Bide does damage the foe directly (I know what you mean but rewrite it). Rejected.


Lv. 2 Male Flaaffy
Volty is a jolly little Mareep. He was raised in Floccsey Ranch in Unova with all the other Mareep and led a fun and untamed life. However, he wandered into the lairs of illegal Pokemon Hunters and was shipped to Sinnoh by accident. When the Mareep (still ecstatic, happy and positive) was discovered by the hunters, they sent out a Sandshrew to fight him, expecting an easy fight. Unfortunately, Volty had a special move which caused the ultimate demise of Sandshrew, humiliated by the defeat of electric moves. When he left, the hunters were arrested and they were left wondering what was the move they saw.

Signature Attack: Puff-Up-Charge! [XX]
Volty puffs up his fur slightly and side-tackles into the opponent. This attack does decent damage for heavy amount of energy. When Volty slams his opponent, the puffed-up fur will cling onto the opponent. This fur is special as it allows electricity moves to hurt the opponent, no matter what type of resistance/immunity they may have. It ignores the typing that gives it immunity/resistance to electric move, while no effects are made to types that are hit by electricity move super effectively. For example, a Lileep will take neutral damage from electric type moves due to the grass resistance getting removed, while a Quagsire will take 200% damage instead due to ground's immunity getting removed and water's weakness to electricity remains unchanged. The effects of this move lasts for three rounds where it falls off automatically. Due to the effect of his fur, all electric moves used by the opponent while the fur is still on will have the effect of a Charge, except without expanding higher amount of energy. The foe is also less prone to mental-changing move while the fur is clung on. The only way to remove is exposure to extreme heat, which means physical fire type moves or Pokemon close to fire or sunny conditions will remove the fur. Due to Volty not wishing to overuse his fur, he loses the use of Cotton Spore and Cotton Guard.

Hidden Power: Water

Mercutio: Rethink what happens to Quagsire, this is a bit powerful. Can the fur be removed early? Rejected.


Lv. 2 Female Swablu
Hime was raised in the fourth lake of Sinnoh, by a secret tribe of Altaria that have not been seen for hundreds of years. She was constantly shielded by her parents and the elders, and thus lacked many basic knowledge. She knew of no anger, being raised in a completely happy community. However, her desires for world travel was increased as she saw peeks of humans that went into Turnback Cave. Finally, despite her parents' protest, she left on a journey, to become the best of them all! ☆

She is spoiled and wants to be treated as a princess. She wants attention too. However, her journey with me had made her realise some important aspects of life, and she has developed a heart of sympathy. She has a great voice and even knows an ancient move passed down from generation to generation, thanks to her lineage with the special Altaria.

Signature Move: ☆Nature's Call☆ [XX]
Hime opens her mouth as she lets loose a deep, mythical and ancient voice that slams into the opponent. When it hits, it does considerable damage for a considerable energy cost. There are three variants of this move:

Lush - Deals grass-type damage.
Molten - Deals fire-type damage.
Oceanic - Deals water-type damage.

This move must be ordered in a way such as "☆Nature's Call-Lush☆" or "☆Nature's Call-Molten☆" (the star can be dropped while ordering though). ☆Nature's Call☆ is usable up to three times per match, and it's energy usage will increase each usage (considerable - significant - high). Each type of ☆Nature's Call☆ is usable twice. Since this move requires a purified heart, Hime cannot Rage, Facade, Outrage, Frustration and Swagger permanently. This move uses type energy of their respective types.

Mercutio: Approved.


Lv. 2 Male Gulpin
Round is a happy-go-lucky, glutton Gulpin. He loves to eat and have a good fight. He's literal DA reason which food stocks ran out so fast to whichever Pokemon Centre decided to host us. Tired with putting up with the constant ravaging of food supplies, a Nurse Joy in Veilstone taught him Swallow, Spit Up and Stockpile so he won't always have to eat.

He came from Veilstone City and led a solitary life of stealing food. He was caught multiple times and got away. One time, he pulled his biggest stunt, ripping apart the city's food supplier truck parked at night and stealing the food. It was a lot for him to carry and he had to hid it. When he woke up to the sound of rummaging, he realises that some native ghost types were stealing his food! Deciding to retaliate, he fires off a few attacks, only to have them go through their bodies harmlessly. Surprised, he was put to sleep with hypnosis, and woke up in the morning to have all the food stolen. After that, he has developed a disdain of ghost types, especially in ethereal forms, and decided to master the skills of defeating them in combt.

Signature Training: BWOB (Dark)
Whenever Round uses Stockpile, the amount of energy stored into the gut will be dark typed and thus will replenish Round's dark type energy when Swallow is used. Round no longer enjoys the defensive boost from Stockpile. Due to this, Round's Spit Up is also Dark type. The storing of energy into the gut will use XX energy instead of Dark. As such, Swallow no longer recovers health and energy, instead replenishes Round's dark offtype energy. There is a cap of 1.5HB as to how much dark offtype energy Round may have in total at any point of time. Round also learns Snarl. In exchange, Round forgot the use of Gunk Shot, Sludge, Poison Gas, Dream Eater, Gastro Acid and Pain Split, as well as Giga Impact and hyper Beam upon evolution.

Hidden Power: Ghost

Mercutio: Approved.


Lv. 2 Female Drifloon
Ichi means one, and is a fitting name for her, who has been drifting alone for years in the world with a heart full of despair.

She had a good life originally. She was the second daughter of a Drifblim family and her brother was the leader of the clan of Drifblim. She enjoyed a great childhood, playing around and making friends. However, politics and suspicion soon embroiled the clan, and her brother was forced to execute her parents due to a misunderstanding and her parents being framed. Heart filled with sadness, she confronted the person that framed her parents. Easily defeated and killed for her rebellion, a dark, strange aura surrounded her body, causing her to rise from the grave. Talking strangely, she wrecked the Drifblim that framed her parents, the strongest one in the clan, easily. The people who saw this were terrified, but none of them were able to escape her wrath.

When she regained her consciousness, she realised she had killed her brother and wiped out the whole clan. She realised she was alone and cried, before losing consciousness once more. She woke up having lost her memories and only having shards of it, and drifts in this world, speaking strangely. When people avoided her, she would lose consciousness, and rain pain and horror upon them, then wake up, forgetting what had happened. It wasn't long before she was renowned by a nickname: Ichi, the that travels alone through the lands, bringing despair and horror in her wakes.

One night, Hime met Drifloon while flying around. Having never seen a Drifloon before, she went up and talked to her, only to realise she had been sobbing. Hime, having never seen a Drifloon and curious, went up and talked to her. It wasn't long before Ichi told Hime about the shards of her lost old life. Hime pieced two and two together and her sympathy got Hime talking. Ichi was touched by Hime's kindness as this was the first time since her memory loss. She agreed to join the squad and on the adventure.

Despite being well received, a few Pokemon on the journey were uncomfortable with her, especially her old ability to revive. This caused her much sadness, since she wanted to be friends with everyone. Hime saw this, and took an initiative to request help from the squad and I. After a trip back to the fourth lake and much hardship, Hime learnt a holy song just for her friend Ichi. Touched by her genuine kindness, the shards of Ichi's old life and darkness faded away, replaced by a sense of justice and mental and physical fortitude.

Signature Training: The Name of Justice (Fighting)
Ichi is now considered familiar with the fighting type, and has gained the moves Brick Break and Bide. Due to her oath of justice, she loses all her dark offtype movepool in exchange, as well as Hex, Explosion, Destiny Bond, Pain Split. She also loses Giga Impact and Hyper Beam upon evolution. She now takes neutral damage from fighting moves.

Hidden Power: Fighting

Mercutio: This makes no sense :p Approved.


Lv. 2 Female Quilava
Crimson is the epitome of a strong female. Contrary to other Cyndaquil who tend to shy away, she's rough, big, proud, strong and just generally... manly? Prior to her capture, she lived a solitary life, moving from places to places. She was actually a tamed Pokemon, living in Elm's Lab, before a rookie trainer refused to accept her because of her gender, causing her to spew rage and leave Elm's Lab.

It was pretty hard for me to convince her to follow us, but she seemed rather interested in our training. After joining the squad, she shows her soft side towards the 'baby' of the group, Frosty and at the same time, chides the males for slacking off. Her flame is extremely powerful and is extremely hot, and she often threatens to use it against others if they misbehave. This is a result of her harsh self-discipline and training in her solitary life, constantly learning from Slugma and Magcargo that she occasionally meets.

Signature Training: Hyper Flames (FI)
When Crimson is ordered to use a fire move, a Hyper Flames version can be ordered in the order of Hyper Flames [move] (like Hyper Flames Flamethrower). Hyper Flames version of a move deals super effective damage to water and rock types, but only hits Fighting, Fairy and Poison types for half of its effectiveness and Grass for neutral damage, as well as an increased energy use by 20%. This stacks with other multipliers, which means an Omanyte will take a staggering 300% damage while a Breloom will only take not-very-effective hits. The following moves that can be given a Hyper Flames version are Flamethrower, Lava Plume, Flame Charge and Flare Blitz, with the glow of their fire being given a slightly golden taint (purely favour text). As a result of such powerful hotness, Crimson loses access to Double Edge, Submission, Rest and Return. It is more prone to anger and has a 5% of disobeying any defensive manoeuvres when in battle against a male Pokemon.

Mercutio: Approved.

Lv 1 Male Tynamo
Striker was the best Elektross amongst the ranks of aerial defence forces in Veilstone City. With many attempts to break into the city by the bad guys, Striker has effectively developed ways to battle against both grounded and flying invaders. Unfortunately, this caused a lot of villains to dislike him. Many attempts to control him was broken off by his great sense of royalty, and controlling Striker was an unspoken race amongst all those that aimed to sit on the throne of this world. Team Galactic was a pioneer of this machine, the Team Galactic XXX, was a cannon developed by a solitary mad scientist amongst the ranks.

That faithful night, the XXX Cannon was shot, Striker was caught by surprise as changes started to occur rapidly. Weakening by the second, he lets loose a powerful Thunder, killing the offender and the solitary scientist who shared nothing with others about the development. His sacrifice gave him enough time to alert the police, and Team Galactic quickly retreated. However, when they found him again, he was a little Tynamo. Weak and nothing like his past glory.

Signature Attack: Sky Striker [FL]
Striker lets loose a quick burst of flying energy, striking the opponent for a good amount of damage at an considerable energy cost. If the opponent is grounded, the attack will do heavy damage for the same amount of energy cost. Striker has developed the type energy to use this attack twice per match. His flight ability and ceiling has been increased to that of a small bird of prey (Starly) upon reaching the Eelektrik evolution, while becoming a medium-sized bird of prey when reaching Eelektross stage (Staravia). Because of his newfound abilities, he loses U-Turn and Wild Charge upon evolution.

Mercutio: A new attack and an increased flying ability is fine for Tynamo but Eelektross really is excellent, so no two sigs in one. Also try giving up moves that aren't spectacularly redundent. Rejected.

Lv. 2 Male Chinchou
Latty is my closest pal, and has been with me since young. It was my house Pokemon and a gift from a relative, where it came in the form of an egg. As both of us grew together, we were so closely knitted that we were unseperatable.

When I was eight, there had been a terrible storm and it flooded a holiday cabin by the seaside. I was washed away by the waves and almost faced with death... until Latty saved me. He knocked me away onto a safe place with a Hydro Pump, but he was caught himself in the waves, being washed away and disappeared from my life.

Until one day, I saw it in Sinnoh, living with a group of Pokemon. We were delighted to see each other again, and I realised he had learnt a few moves living in the wild!
Special Training - Forest's Calling
Latty has acquired the ability to use Petal Blizzard. He has developed the type energy to use it twice per match.

(So I literally just took my old sig and went Petal Blizzard > Magical Leaf, lol)
Hidden Power: Flying

Mercutio: Approved.


Lv. 2 Male Elekid (uplevel)
Raikiri was raised as one with the nature. From young, he has been raised in forest with other Elelctabuzz, even moreso than other of his kind, having been trained there extensively. Occasionally, he would play with the grass types living in the forest. Being one great friend to a particular Sawsbuck, it has allowed him to extend some of his powers than that of a normal Elekid.

Signature Training: One with the Forest
Raikiri has learnt Energy Ball and Calm Mind, and has developed the type energy to use the former twice per match (Calm Mind counts towards the number of psychic moves as offtype). However, the second usage will cost an additional typeless light energy. Additionally, he has forgotten Wild Charge and Curse, and Hyper Beam upon evolution due to not wanting to cause so much destruction.
Hidden Power: -none yet-

Mercutio: Approved.


Lv 1 Male Helioptile
Disc hated being normal. He was always an attention-seeking little Helioptile, but being a normal type often cursed him with 'being normal', 'average', 'unimpressive', 'does not stand out of the crowd' - or so he said. Despite my constant protests about that normals are pretty great, he chose to go his own way and spent long months seeking the purification of being normal.

He went to see everything in life, tall mountains, wide oceans and like... those stuff. He went to try everything, meditating, meditating and meditating some more. He went to try ever flavours of life - sour, bitter, sweet to even tastes so disgusting. One day, he found himself finally not being a normal, and he cheered, thinking that his hard work has really paid off.

Or maybe some of the weird chemicals he tasted back at the lab we visited left behind into his mouth to do some weird transformations. Nobody knows.

Signature Training: Proud to be Abnormal [Electric]
Disc has lost his normal typing, now becoming a pure Electric type. Due to this, he loses U-Turn, Grass Knot and Sandstorm. In return, he gets Leaf Blade and Aqua Tail, both using his tail, developing the type energy of using each one twice per match. He loses the benefits of weather in sandstorm on his SC.

Mercutio: Don't get me wrong, Helioptile has no business being Normal typed, but a vastly improved type requires much more bio and drawback than this. That's quite aside from the fact that you seem to think that losing the Normal type and gaining access to two fairly good attacks is going pass. It really isn't. Rejected.

Level 1 Male Makuhita
For those suffering from weight problems and embarrassment regarding such things, Sumo-kun is completely opposite. He loves using his weight as his main selling point in battle, not scared to exert physical force through his heaviness over his opponents. He dislikes it when opponents escapes when he could easily crush them with his weight. As such, he developed a technique of his own, to satisfy both wanting to keep his opponent close - and to crush them all!

Signature Attack: THE ULTIMATE DRAG! [XX]
Sumo-kun charges a solid amount of fighting energy into his fist, before jerking it forward to release a chain that will hook onto the opponent. With a forceful jerk, Sumo-kun will pull the opponent towards him, and deliver a quick punch. For Pokemon lighter than Sumo-kun, no extra energy is needed to pull the opponent towards him. For Pokemon around Sumo-kun's weight (+/- 10kg), an additional minor amount is needed. For Pokemon that are heavier than Sumo-kun (50% Max), an additional light amount is required. The damage dealt by the punch is inversely proportional to the weight of the foe. The lighter the Pokemon, the faster they will move by Sumo-kun's jerk, which means the punch will do more damage. The damage for the punch can range from moderate (50% heavier than Sumo-kun - little speed gained from the drag) to significant, ref's discretion. Foe that are heavier by 50% cannot be dragged. For this technique, Sumo-kun has gave up Superpower and Fling.

Mercutio: Approved.

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