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Lv.2 Murkrow (Al Capone)

Bio: Following upon his old experiments in deadly chemicals, Al has begun experiments on corrosive metals, having regained his sadistic streak. Now, instead of nasty smells and explosions, screams of agony from pained victims filled our household... Even today, I regret not intervening, but the threat of being one of those victims myself was too much to ignore... Tattered remains of individuals stained our very minds, and the home I once held dear was rendered a horror...

The basement now drenched with blood, Al finished his endeavors. The bodies in there were nearly unrecognizable, their figures disfigured by writhing metal chains. The quiet screams could still be heard from their torn mouths... the haunting sharpness is... unforgettable.

Sig Move: Corrosive Chains (Steel)

Using Heavy Steel energy, Murkrow brings out chains made of energy from the ground, below the target. These chains automatically latch themselves onto the pokemon, wrapping around the pokemon's body. In the first round this used, the effects appear minor- a slight restriction to movement, a forgettable burning sensation, and some damage. However, with each passing turn, the effects become more potent- the burning goes from painless, to painful, and finally to excrutiating pain, while the restriction grows more severe, stopping just short of making it extremely difficult to move at all. As for the damage, at first, light steel damage is pumped into the foe (taking into consideration types), growing by a minor every turn, capping at significant damage. Ripping these chains off are a feet capable by only the strongest of pokemon, but they can be weakened by powerful fire moves. Murkrow cannot use Shadow Ball and Toxic.
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