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Genderless Scyther // Level 1
During the Warring States era of Kanto, where feudal lords settled petty disagreements with debts of blood, few found the time to care for the faceless dead. Hardly any of the peasants in the slums surrounding the gated capitol city bothered to concern themselves with the disappearance of a wandering ronin. Fewer still realized that this ronin, actually a Pokemon, had been spirited away in the dead of night after treating himself to a quiet drink and a soft bed. None realized that he was one of the most elite swordsmen of the era, capable of slicing men to pieces before they'd realized they had died, and deflecting bullet curtains of the fiercest gatling guns.

While working as a vagabond bodyguard to various landowners, Scyther was deemed a threat by those very landowners marked for death. Unable to kill him in personal combat due to his hardened carapace, the various ninja clans sought to dispose of the seemingly invincible Pokemon the way they would a crab: by boiling him within his own shell. They kidnapped Scyther after spiking his drink, then cast him into the caldera of an active volcano, never to be seen again.

Scyther's indomitable warrior spirit would not let him perish, and as his body was destroyed his spirit maintained his form through sheer force of will. There he remained for centuries, struggling to cling to the memory of what he was and resisting the omnipresent heat and pain of the violent inferno. Eventually, the molten metals of discarded weapons cast into the volcano formed around Scyther's aura, giving him a new body to fuel the rage and pride that sustained him for hundreds of years, like an iron glove to fit a clenched fist. As he emerged from the volcano, eager to tear apart the descendents of the enemies who once feared his strength and skill, Scyther came to be recognized as the ultimate ideal of a warrior, a true union of swordsman and sword.

Signature Training: Type Change (Steel)
With a body reforged by metal over several centuries within the belly of an active volcano, Scyther is now a Flying/Steel Pokemon, with all of his chitin replaced by tempered steel. Scyther no longer has a physical sex but considers himself male. Because he has so no organic matter left, Scyther cannot evolve. His vision impacted by staring at immense heat for so long, Scyther can now only see in infrared, making Pokemon who do not give off a heat signature (up to referee discretion) invisible to him. To compensate for this weakness, he has the ability and Fire-type energy to call on a quadruple-length Sunny Day, which heats up the arena and all Pokemon within it, making them visible. However, under the effects of this (or any) Sunny Day, his gains a quadruple weakness to Fire-based moves, as Fire-type moves can return his steel shell to the molten slag he forged himself from.

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