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Tenty: Lileep level 1 Female
Bio: The technology to resurrect fossil Pokemon isn't as new as people think. In fact the first machine capable of such a feat was developed over a hundred years ago by a research group in Hoenn. However the sea side location chosen for its placement, due to the aquatic nature of most fossils, proved to be its downfall. For unbeknownst to them they had selected a geographical unstable location. All it took was one super storm to show the errors of their ways as the whole structure sank into the ocean depths along with a few sample Pokemon. Among these Pokemon was Tenty's ancestors who were more than happy to return to their ocean floor home.
It didn't take long for these freshly freed Pokemon to realize that something wasn't right with them. The sea's pounding tides and raging waves had a bit more of a sting than in the past. The Pokemon themselves of course didn't realize that by becoming fossils that they had been revived as part rock types instead of pure grass. Shift to modern day and Natural selection had worked its wonders on this family tree. For over the decades and generations they had slowly regained their water resistance that allowed them to live peacefully within their aquatic homes.
Special Training: Watery Home
Tenty retains its grass type resistance to water type moves despite being part rock type.

Mercutio: Approved.

Aura: Chinchou level 1 Female
Bio: An interesting member of my team that I caught as a request from a small village. Unlike many other past requests to deal with mischievous Pokemon causing touble Aura was simply misunderstood. It all stems from her unusually red colored antenna that got her ostracized from her home school in the sea. With no place to go in the water she ventured onto land and that's were the trouble started. With her continual red glow many people mistook her for a living Wil-o-Wisp and either fled or tried to vanquish her. Some people at first thought that they had a ghost problem and tried to battle the red light, but the moves she countered with were impossible for any ghost in the area to learn, so they began asking random trainers for help.
After a very confusing battle with the light I found something even more bizare than a weirdly colored Pokemon. The Chinchou was floating in mid air, actually swimming in air would be a better term. My hand couldn't throw the Pokeball quick enough and my feet couldn't carry me to the nearest research facility swift enough either. Compared to researching wurmples the staff at the center were more than eager to solve the puzzle of a flying fish Pokemon, still it took several days for all the data to come together. It was the electrons produced by the reaction in the Chinchou's antenna that was producing the anti gravity field, similar to a magnet rise, that allowed the Chinchou to float in the air. I didn't understand any of that so they broke it down in simpler terms for me. The red light produced a special filed that enables my Chichou to ride the natural magnetic field of the world as if it was water. With an explanation I could understand I left the researchers to continue studying Wurmple and departed with my floating Chinchou that I named Aura.
Special Training: Floating on Air
Aura now levitates, about knee height, off the ground. She is sluggish when doing so and can only move at her normal speed when using agility.

Mercutio: Flying Electric type? At least try and give me a drawback :p Rejected.

Dregor: Swinub level 1 Male
Bio: Being hunted constantly by Beartics in the frozen wastelands of the north can really mess with a Pokemon's mind. Dregor is no different from others and has developed a darker train of thought than most.
Special Training: Dark thoughts
Dregor can now use Nasty Plot

Mercutio: Approved.

Tunnels: Trapinch level 1 Male
Special Attack: Giaia Cannon (Ground)
A ground typed sound-based attack were Tunnels generates a loud rumbling boom within his large head. Where upon opening his mouth the ground type laced sound waves travel only in a straight line and deals a deals significant damage for a equal amount of energy.

Mercutio: Approved.

Phi: Elekid level 1 Male
Special Defense: Static Coat
Due to having a coat that is super charged with a dense amount of electricity, Phi has a 10% chance of leaving localized paralysis on anyone who makes contact with him.

Mercutio: Approved.

(Slight energy adjustment to this one)
Tequila: Lombre Level 3 Male
Hidden Power: Ground
Bio: Despite how many people and Pokemon judge Tequila by his name he is not a drinker but a brewer of heavy drinks. Using his unique type combination to brew the drinks within his own body, his grass typing provides various sugar based sap that is then mixed with a filtrated water perfect for alcoholic based drinks. The finished brew collects in his lily pad making it a natural sake dish which he then bottles and sells.
Special Attack: Booze Cannon (Water)
Using a solid amount of energy Tequila draws upon his unfinished brew from within his body in a steady stream of water. The water itself only does Good damage, but the alcohol in the water has a 50% chance of causing confusion and a 10% chance of making them drowsy. This attack has no secondary effects on non-organic Pokemon for the obvious reason that they wouldn't be affected by alcohol.

Mercutio: I imagine I'm not supposed to be encouraging alcoholism in the ASB. Approved.

Paula: Vulpix level 1 Female
"Very smart and very vengeful. Grabbing one of its many tails could result in a 1,000-year curse" LeafGreen Pokedex "It has long been said that each of the nine tails embody an enchanted power" Emerald Pokedex
Paula is a firm proof that these entries into these two separate regional Pokedex's are not incorrect. While she may only still be a vulpix, she shows many signs mentioned by the dex's above that match a Ninetails. She has harnessed both the power of each one of her six tails and the ability to lay curses at will.

Special Technique: Kitsune Curse (Fire)
Using a Major amount of energy Paula channels a powerful curse through one of her tails at random, each tail giving off a unique curse. (Ref will roll a six sided dice to decide which one of the curses gets used) Being of the dark arts nature Paula will not risk using this move more than once per battler.
Curse of Sealing: One of the opponents energy type, selected at random, will be sealed away four the next three rounds. This typing cannot match the Pokemon's (Ex. a water type pokemon can't have it's water type energy sealed, but it's ice type energy can be sealed.)
Curse of Exhaustion: The opposing Pokemon feels exhausted, lowering the attack power of their primary type attacks for the next two turns. Similar to what happens to a grass type that uses Leaf Storm.
Curse of Hazards: This curse can only be activated if there are entry hazards (Spikes, Toxic Spikes, SR) on the field. If any of these are on the field this curse switches which side they are on and who's Pokemon they effect upon entry.
Curse of Average: Cancels out all active stat boosts and prevents all active Pokemon from using boosting moves for the next three rounds.
Curse of Probability: The opposing Pokemon becomes 1.5x more likely to receive a secondary effect from an attack for the next three rounds.
Curse of Tiredness: Causes the opponent to feel like they used one additional solid energy usage move this round, no energy is actually lost the Pokemon just feels like they did.

Mercutio: Random is fine, but these options are too good to be accepted as one sig. Rejected.

Oswin: Numel level 1 Male
Special Defense: Magma Pot
Due to having magma stored within his body Oswin's body temperature is insanely hot. So much so that Pokemon that come in physical contact with him have a 20% chance of receiving a burn.

Mercutio: Approved.
Current PASB record wins 24, losses 14, Draws 0
KO= 72 TP= 200 SP= .75 TL 4
Ref Grade C+

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