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Spoiler: show
Gaarg: Level 6 Male Druddigon
Bio: Gaarg's special training and time as a Fighting-type was short-lived. Maybe it was the word that an upheaval throughout the Pokémon world was coming that would spell doom for both Dragons and those practised in the martial arts. Maybe he just slacked off in his training. Maybe he just got fat. Either way, one day he found that he was a regular old Druddigon, losing his special abilities and attacks somehow. Later learning of the advent of the Fairy-type, he was actually glad of this change, and set about finding ways to counter the new threat. At some point, he was contacted by a secret German military organisation, which had mistaken him for their lost leader who also had a scarlet cranium. Gaarg set them straight, but kept one of the weapons that they'd developed after learning of its history, repurposing it for his own ends.
Special Attack - Hydra Blast (??):
Raising his arm, Gaarg fires a pulse of light blue energy from his palm at the opponent, dealing significant damage while using as much energy. This attack doesn't have a defined type, but has its roots in advanced energy from a civilisation that has faded into myth, and as such is crafted to strike other legendary opponents. Hydra Blast is considered super-effective against Dragon, Fairy and Ghost-type Pokémon, but is not very effective against Electric, Fire, Grass or Water-types, as these types are too grounded in reality to be susceptible to supernatural means. Hydra Blast is usable twice per battle.

Mercutio: Part of me wants to reject this but I can't think why so. Approved.

Fun Guy: Level 6 Male Parasect
Bio: With Hidden Power now changeable at will and thus not requiring special traits to justify, Fun Guy has given up the rock'n'roll lifestyle and gone back to basics, experimenting with his spores. Tweaking his previous signature technique, he has been able to refine the production of special flame-retardant ones within his mushroom, going into battle armed with a weapon against menacing Fire-types.
Special Technique - Asporedos:
When ordered, Fun Guy releases a thick, black cloud of spores from his mushroom, surrounding the target. These have a smothering effect on fire, and will absorb the strength of any Fire-type attacks used by the target, causing them to only deal 1/3 of their usual damage. It will also cause seriously discomfort to Pokémon that have open flames, possibly causing them to flinch or lose focus on their attacks. Asporedos costs considerable energy to use, and can be used three times per match, lasting for around five rounds on average.

Mercutio: Very nice. Approved.

SEAKING: Level 6 Male Seaking
Bio: 'FUCK YEAH SEAKING', that's how the meme goes. No-one knows how, or why. But SEAKING is that meme incarnate. Insanely powerful compared to others of his species, this individual has the angry eyebrows that people have come to expect from the various images circulating around the internet. And is just as mental. No longer satisfied with flying about like a boss, SEAKING now dwells on the glory days of his species, when they were the only users of the Waterfall attack before Gen II made it an HM. Such thinking has made him want to show people that his is the only Waterfall.
Special Attack - Niagra (WA):
Using major energy, SEAKING directs Water energy to rise from under the target, the opposite of a typical Waterfall attack, buffeting them and possibly causing them to lose focus on orders. He then dives under the target and rises directly below them, swimming with the current before ramming them, dealing heavy damage. So forceful is the impact that the target is launched into the air, being thrown across the arena for several metres depending on their weight. Pokémon a fraction of SEAKING's own weight will fly far, whereas Pokémon heavier than him will achieve less distance, though targets up to five times his own weight will still move a bit.

Mercutio: I want this. Approved.

Eric: Level 6 Male Whiscash
Bio: Now retired from the Fish Gym, Eric has relaxed his his training, as he has less to fear about being constantly typespammed in a more casual environment. As such, his super-senses have faded, and he's been focusing more on his innate terrakinesis. Hearing that some of his kin were able to use an Earthquake attack so powerful that it caused an episode of a popular television show to be banned from broadcast worldwide, he journeyed to the Hoenn Region to seek them out, eventually finding the island where they dwell. For many weeks he trained with them, and upon returning to base he was eager to try out his new powers. In a sparring match with Sally, he released an attack so powerful that it completely wrecked the arena they had chosen to use, causing slabs of the ground to jut at strange angles and require intensive restructuring before it could be used again, giving him an edge against land-bound opponents.
Special Attack - AG101 (GD):
This attack can only be used in arenas that are at least part-land. Eric rams himself into the edge of the water (riverbank, beach, etc.), releasing an extreme amount of energy into it and sending shockwaves through the land portion of the arena. This causes the ground around the opponent to shatter, going under massive upheaval as chunks of rock and earth burst upward and leaving the landscape utterly devastated. Though dealing significant damage, this attack's main effect is that the sheer disruption of the arena is likely to heavily disrupt the target's orders thanks to the amount of ground distortion, effectively causing the current round to end so that the opposing trainer can take the new landscape into account. After that, it will still cause most Pokémon to take greater caution crossing the torn-up arena, slowing them down depending on their size. Due to its effects, AG101 can only be used once per battle.

Mercutio: Lol. Approved.

Axelia: Level 6 Male Relicanth
Bio: A relic by name and by nature, Axelia is a revived specimen of a time long past, from when fish like him ruled the waves. With recently recognised traits now intrinsic to his species, he has left his fossil fortitude behind in order to return to the days where his kind were the apex of evolutionary design. After much contemplation (which takes a while, for a Relicanth), he was able to create and master a technique all his own, cementing his rule of the ocean.
Special Attack - Neptune Strike (WA):
Gathering a massive amount of Water energy around his skull, Axelia charges the opponent before ramming his body into them headfirst to deal major damage. Owing to his self-proclaimed status as ruler of the seas, upon impact the water energy manifests as a wall of water, pushing the target backward several feet depending on their weight, and quite likely stunning them to prevent their next move. Owing to the strain it puts on his body, Axelia can only use this attack twice per battle, but only once per opponent.

Mercutio: Approved.

Pingu: Level 6 Male Empoleon
Bio: Originally from the Antarctic, Pingu spent years entertaining children on TV in the show 'Pingu'. Having retired from entertainment, he found himself transported to the world of Pokémon, finding himself cast into the appropriate form of the Piplup line. Eventually getting to the 'serious' Empoleon stage, Pingu has never found it within himself to act more adult, preferring his notorious childish antics. Like sliding around on the ice. However, years of hooting his grating call have left a lasting effect on his voice.
Special Training - Flexible Tux:
Years of skating around on the ice have left Pingu very deft on his feet, highly increasing his ability to idly dodge attacks compared to the average Pokémon, also granting him the power to jump over Earthquake attacks in a similar vein. However, he's been left mute thanks to abuse of his vocal chords, rendering him unable to use any sound-based moves at all.

Mercutio: Does it cost him anything to jump over Earthquakes? Rejected.

Slim: Level 6 Male Dusknoir
Bio: Having benefited from recent revamps to his specialist attack, Slim has left his manipulation of illusions behind, now focused on the generic Dusknoir role of big fat tanky Ghost. Noticing that one of the key drawbacks of his species is its lack of recovery, he resolved to focus on restoring his health in order to last longer in battle, drawing inspiration from the various Water-types on the team with their access to a passive healing move.
Special Technique - Evil Deeds (GH):
Slim summons several rings of dark, shadowy energy which interlock and surround his body, using heavy energy. At the end of each round, one ring will return to his body to restore mild health, which lasts for five rounds. Essentially a variant on Aqua Ring and as such counts as a healing move.

Mercutio: Approved.

Sludgella: Level 6 Female Shiny Muk
Bio: Having left her radioactive phase long behind and now bored of being cold as well, Sludgella has taken to copying other Pokémon, using her amorphous body to take on their forms. At first she would simply collapse back into her usual state after a few seconds, but after some mysterious training with Aku she has built on this ability. While not as competent as her Ditto master, she's still capable of some mysterious attributes in battle.
Special Technique - Transmorph:
Sludgella can use a variant on Transform, reshaping her body to take on the appearance of her opponent. However, she can't take on colour schemes, and as such remains as a disgusting, green slime-based mockery of the target. Her moveset does not alter to match the opponent's, instead retaining her natural moves, but she does take on physical characteristics of the target to enable flight, digging proficiency, and greater strength, but not traits like levitation based on electromagnetism or psychic power. Transmorphing takes considerable energy to perform and costs a move, while reverting to her usual form takes moderate energy but does not count as an order.

Mercutio: Awesome, but it requires more energy and Muk is good enough to require giving something up to get this. Rejected.

Selach: Level 6 Female Sharpedo
Bio: With the Fish Gym behind her, Selach can no longer count on opponents willingly (or usually unwillingly) swimming into her domain, and thus has developed a calm patience instead of her previous blind anger. She now waits for opponents to approach her lair to attack, only to scoop them up and trap them where she can dismember them at her leisure.
Special Attack - Charybdis (WA):
Using heavy energy, Selach starts up a Whirlpool attack, only much more violent than the usual technique. This one is unstable, and while it doesn't last as long as a normal vortex the swirling water will crash and splash over the target, dealing significant damage, while the spinning and battering has around a 30% chance to confuse the target. Selach is also capable of grabbing land-bound opponents with this attack using major energy, as a wave of water will sweep up to 20 feet inland to wash them into the water, ensuring none can escape her grasp.

Mercutio: This would have been fine but now Whirlpool has two versions. Clarify how this affects the attack (if at all). Rejected.

Mogwai: Level 6 Male Sableye
Bio: With Sableye now being able to turn invisible naturally, Mogwai has lost his need for adaptive camouflage, and has instead turned to face the new threat from Kalos - Fairy Pokémon. Turning to his heritage as a cave and mine-dwelling species, he visited some of his kin living in an abandoned pit, where the sheer quantities of metal provided them with protection from the Fae. Taking this as inspiration, he crafted his own attack to ward off interloping pixies.
Special Attack - Minecart Madness (ST):
Using major energy, Mogwai forms a Minecart of Steel energy around his body, holding onto the front before it rushes forward, crashing into the opponent to deal heavy damage, the cart dissipating on impact. The collision is so fast and forceful that it has a decent chance to cause the target to become stunned or flinch out of its next attack. Mogwai has the Steel energy to use this attack twice per match.

Mercutio: Energy cost? Rejected.

Brian Blessed: Level 6 Male Exploud
Bio: With the advent of Boomburst, Brian's previous dimension-splitting signature attack was made superfluous. Fortunately, this meant he could do something else. Drawing on his hobbies of hiking and mountaineering, dealing with low-oxygen conditions, he trained all he could to increase his physical endurance for use in battle.
Special Training - Everest:
Accustomed to high altitudes, Brian takes slightly longer to feel fatigue in battle, and suffers no ill-effects from using sound-based moves, though he can't use more than one offensively in a round.

Mercutio: Approved.

Harold: Level 6 Male Greninja
Bio: A new addition to the team, Harold is a typical Greninja, able to move fluidly at blinding speed with barely a sound. With a decent movepool and great utility, he doesn't need to rely on a new move for coverage. Instead he focuses on his ninja abilities, blending his Dark energy with his species' signature shuriken attacks to create a Dark attack with actually appreciable power.
Special Attack - Kage Shuriken Sutōmu (DK):
Locking onto his target, Harold spins on the spot as he hurls a veritable storm of black shurikens at his target. Each one deals minuscule damage, but added up can inflict serious hurt on the opponent, though it leaves Harold slightly tired afterward. Damage is Dark-type and equal to Leaf Storm, while energy use is equal to Leaf Storm + Vine Whip.

Mercutio: ... I_D? Approved.

Maverick: Level 6 Male Avalugg
Bio: Maverick was always fascinated by the air, possibly due to resembling an aircraft carrier made of ice. Either way, though he'll never actually fly he'd like to think he can, his favourite movie being Top Gun, from which he took his name along with the inspiration for his own attack.
Special Attack - Highway to the Danger Zone (IC):
Maverick rears up and stomps the ground, sending out a stream of ice in front of him to create a straight, flat surface between it and the opponent. If the opponent is on the ground, the ice will freeze its feet in place. Maverick then coats himself in Ice energy and skates toward the target, picking up speed quickly before smashing into it. If used against airborne targets this attack deals considerable damage, but if the target is frozen to the strip of ice it will take major damage. This attack uses heavy energy, the ice melts after use, and Maverick can build up speed quickly regardless of any negative speed modifiers.

Mercutio: This one is probably too much like a two move combo to be one move. Also, does the ice's strength depend yupon the arena? What if the arena were very hot? Rejected.

Bruce: Level 6 Male Pangoro
Bio: So is this a Batman reference or a Hulk reference? Actually it's neither, Bruce is just an awesome name because Pangoro is all kinds of badass. Bruce is no exception, having claimed a place on a Dark Gym squad despite coming with a 4x weakness. Always determined to prove himself, he isn't letting this hinder him and has developed a technique to crush any Fairies who would dare to challenge his mighty frame.
Special Training - Tipping the Scales:
Bruce can use Heavy Slam, with the Steel energy to use it three times per match.

Mercutio: Approved.

Bel-Shamharoth: Level 6 Male Malamar
Bio: The Soul-Eater. The Sender of Eight. Whatever Bel-Shmharoth is, it's not entirely of this Earth. A malicious entity from a dimension beyond our own, our feeble human brains rationalise him as a Malamar, incapable of grasping his true, many-tentacled form. Despite seeing what we want to see, one can't help but sense something off about him, a peek at the eldritch horror that lurks beneath a simple mental illusion. Unchecked, this can have... dangerous results.
Special Technique - Sender of Eight:
Using considerable energy, Bel-Shamharoth's body flashes, releasing a burst of dark violet light which sears into the eyes of the target, burning away the perception filter that allows other beings to tolerate his presence and revealing the full nightmarish abomination beneath. Though this only lasts a second, the sheer sight of such unnatural horror is enough to cause serious mental imbalance in the target, leading to a brief period of insanity. During this time, the afflicted Pokémon will be unable to understand their orders, instead using random moves in their movepool until they overcome their insanity. This effect lasts three rounds, and is only usable once per match.

Mercutio: Approved.

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