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Genderless Scyther // Level 1
During the Warring States era of Kanto, where feudal lords settled petty disagreements with debts of blood, few found the time to care for the faceless dead. Hardly any of the peasants in the slums surrounding the gated capitol city bothered to concern themselves with the discarded husk of a wandering ronin. Fewer still realized that this ronin, actually a Pokemon, had been poisoned and hacked to death in the night after treating himself to a quiet drink and a soft bed. None realized that he was one of the most elite swordsmen of the era, capable of slicing men to pieces before they'd realized they had died, and deflecting bullet curtains of the fiercest gatling guns.

Scyther was originally a practitioner of a unique sword style intended for the first borns of samurai families living in an adjacent forest to the dynastic city "Viridian". The school advocated balance of the mind and body, using explosive energy to emulate the speed, power, and invisibility of divine winds. Although the divine wind roars fiercely for short period, it eventually settles into calm, and warriors of this style were known for bursts of intense combat at the cost of a rapid drain of stamina. After the school burned down mysteriously (revealed by history to be intentional), Scyther set about on his own, working as an assassin or guard to various landowners before his vagabond ways were deemed a threat and a bounty placed on his head.

Centuries after his death, scientists and engineers exhumed the exoskeleton of Scyther, and vowed to rebuild him with modern technology. Such swordsmanship was a skill lost to time, and since the ability to deftly handle a blade is as much muscle memory as it is conceptual knowledge, by reconstructing Scyther they hoped to learn his lost skills and teach them to new generations of warriors. The researchers did not anticipate that Scyther's techniques brought out the full potential of his original body, and were disappointed to learn the metal frame they designed struggles to meet the energy demands of his almost supernatural skill.

Signature Training: Type Change (Steel)
Returned to life as a cyborg, Scyther is now a Flying/Steel Pokemon, with all of his chitin replaced by tempered steel, and most of his internal organs reconstructed artificially. Scyther no longer has a physical sex but considers himself male. Because he has so little organic matter left, Scyther cannot evolve. His vision had to be completely reconstructed, so Scyther only sees in infrared, making Pokemon who do not give off a heat signature (up to referee discretion) invisible to him. To compensate for this, he was programmed with the attack Lock-On, which allows him to successfully fight invisible threats. Despite this propensity for high performance, the limitations of Scyther's mechanical frame and his own unrestrained style of fighting result in him expending twice as much energy for all his Bug, Flying, and Steel moves.
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