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In natdex, it is overrated in a sense.

Like with Darmanintan-G, the best set is scarf because it guarantees kills against anything that doesn't resist water or specially defensive walls, but a physically defensive Toxapex can check it.

The horrifying set is band, scarf + rain, or band + rain...all of which I have used, and it is admittedly impressive. But just throwing Dracovish in a team randomly isn't going to get the most out of it.

But, I've already seen the future. There are a few people on natdex who are using teams with the likes of:


All scarfed. Zolt's Hustle Bolt Beak hits a little harder than Vish's Fishious Rend, and the two are only resisted by Dragon...who Darmanintan takes care of. Kartana rounds out the "unga bunga" attackers. All of them are dynamax threats.

Pretty lame.
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