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I've made it up to 1400 in the beta ladder but it's harder to progress because fewer high elo players are online.

My conclusion is that as busted as Ash-Greninja is with dynamax, Kartana is worse. Kartana is magnitudes worse than Gyarados, as this replay will showcase.

Leaf Blade
Smart Strike
Sacred Sword

All of these have the ability to snowball with dynamax. Killing something with Max Knuckle is a free Swords Dance boost. Killing something with Max Overgrowth summons Grassy Terrain for another double attack. And Max Steelspike adds +1 defense and makes Kartana even harder to break with physical attacks.

Like Gyarados and Ash-Greninja, it's the perfect synergy of offensive pressure. But unlike Gyarados, who needs to DD, Scarf Kartana returns to using Scarf after the dynamax ends.

Also, Dragapult's lack of a physical Ghost-STAB? Fixed by Z-Moves. The only reason I don't use Dragonium Z is I'm not sure Dragon Darts will work with it. But Phantom Force absolutely will.
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