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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
Happy Dragon Boat Festival!

It's the beginning of an extended, busy festival weekend in Fizzytopia, and the streets of New Fizz City - and settlements all over! - are bustling with families and friends all enjoying the celebrations. People can be seen in all sorts of new and stylish (mostly) red and yellow clothing, envelopes of money in hand and pretty sachets of perfume tied to their outfits. Red and gold lamps and signs hang from the buildings, arrangements of flowers on every street. Boats specially carved and otherwise created in the icons of Dragon Pokemon float and surge along the waters all over Fizzytopia, all prepared just for this one weekend a year.

The Dragon Boat Festival was first held 2000 years ago, inspired by events from a distant and mysterious land where seven states were engaged in a great war. In one of those great states, a famous poet known as Qu Yuan was exiled by his king, and rather than live in shame and watch his state fall to the miseries of war, he chose to die in the great river instead.

The people were distraught at his passing, Yuan's collection of poetry still revered to this day, and they were desperate to retrieve his body from the waters in which it fell, only to arrive too late. They prayed to Arceus to keep Yuan's spirit safe, throwing zongzi and other offerings into the river and banging drums in hope of warding the Pokemon in the water away from the poet's body and soul. To this day, Yuan is still remembered with races in beautiful boats, the creation and devouring of yummy zongzi and more!

So, send out your dragons and Spritzees, pray to Arceus for good health and get out there to enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival! If you write a post about how you celebrated your weekend, surely the stall owners or some lovely passer by will gift you with the following:

1 x Zongzi – A sweet rice dumpling! Inside could be anything, from peanuts to taro to red bean paste and more. If fed to one of your Pokemon, it will learn an egg or tutor move!

1 x Net Ball – To capture one of those pesky water Pokemon desperate to eat the body or soul of a loved one!

1 x An Incense of your choice (Full, Lax, Luck, Odd, Pure, Rock, Rose, Sea or Wave) – Something to help purify your home and keep your Pokemon smelling good over this wonderful weekend.

1 x Hongbao – A red envelope with $500 inside! Remember to say thank you!

$250 and bond can't be collected on these posts. You're already being gifted enough, don't dishonour yourselves and the spirits by being ungrateful. And have fun!

"China is whole again!
...Then it broke again."-Bill Wurtz

Truly, the most inspiring of nations.

Anyway, I'll go ahead and snag these before the thread gets chucked headfirst into the Records subforum. Feel free to deny this post if I'm too late or something.

*Dunsparce learned EM Secret Power thanks to the Zongzi!*

*Obtained 1X Net Ball!*

*Obtained 1X Odd Incense!*

*Obtained $500! (Thanks be to the poets of yore)*

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