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Honestly, Alice had wasted last year's Dragon Boat Festival, and she was determined not to do the same this year. With help from her Pokemon, who could cure almost any funk, she'd gone outside into the sunlight to immerse herself in the festivities. The crowds didn't really bother her, and it was worth enduring them to get some snaps of the boats and the decorations hung here and there. What Alice had her mind on most, of course, was food - what a surprise.

"We have to try the zongzi." Alice said firmly, the wooden base of her sandals catching the concrete and stone pavements she traversed along. She was dressed in her typical, colourful pink, with a long pleated skirt that protected her pasty legs from the heat and a light, short sleeved top, partially shaded by her sun hat. In her delicate hands was a little Trapinch, one that hadn't ever observed a Dragon Boat Festival before, but seemed to take delight in every Bagon-related or Flygon-like decoration or vessel that caught her eyes.

They took part in various activities together, from small challenges like balancing an egg to racing small, colourful boats or hooping dragons rather than ducks at little stalls. Most of it was just browsing and shopping, though. They struck lucky, winning a Net Ball and drawing a lot that snagged them a Lax Incense. One fan even approached and gave them a hongbao, which Alice felt very grateful for.

"Apparently we can store zongzi for weeks if we freeze them, so let's get a bunch to make sure everyone can try some." Alice suggested to Fiona, and the orange snapper chittered enthusiastically. The look on the stall owner's face as Alice handed over the money for the insane amount of the sweet treat was a picture all its own, and for the purchase she was even given a free one. Nice!

"Should we go and try them out?" Alice asked. Fiona nodded again, and off the two went, going to snag a spot at the water front. It made the idol grimace at how sticky they were, but she added sugar to their treats and began to tuck in with her chopsticks to avoid getting her fingers any nastier. Fiona seemed happy to just go in, jaws first, devouring the seaweed packet and all. Fiona learned Giga Drain! Alice didn't learn anything, aside from how sticky the sweet rice dumplings were.

"Did you like it?" Alice asked, "Although I don't think you're supposed to eat the entire thing..."
"Trapinch!" Fiona beamed.
"Then you might as well polish mine off, too." Alice pushed the packet and what little remained inside towards the baby. "Enjoy."
"Trap, Trapinch!"

And so, with some more wandering and some boat-riding, Alice and her Pokemon had a wonderful Dragon Boat Festival.
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