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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
1 x Zongzi – A sweet rice dumpling! Inside could be anything, from peanuts to taro to red bean paste and more. If fed to one of your Pokemon, it will learn an egg or tutor move!

1 x Net Ball – To capture one of those pesky water Pokemon desperate to eat the body or soul of a loved one!

1 x An Incense of your choice (Full, Lax, Luck, Odd, Pure, Rock, Rose, Sea or Wave) – Something to help purify your home and keep your Pokemon smelling good over this wonderful weekend.

1 x Hongbao – A red envelope with $500 inside! Remember to say thank you!
Gary spent a wonderful weekend melting in the heat, so he would gladly like to claim the following items:

1x Sweet Dumpling to teach my Archeops MT Bounce
1x Net Ball
1x Wave Incense
$500 Monies

Thank you very much Alice!
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