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Mint gently set her boat in the water, the craft carefully constructed in the likeness of an Altaria, with one offering zongzi placed carefully in the middle. Just as she stood up to watch the little boat float down the river, she heard a shot from not far behind her.

Apollo, her Jangmo-o, had apparently gotten into one of her zongzi for actual eating, not expecting the insides to be as sweet as they were. Apollo wasn't one for sweet flavors, so this unpleasant (for him) surprise was eliciting quite a bit of Outrage from him, mixed with plenty of that incomprehensible shouting. As Mint rushed over to try to calm the Dragon-Type down, another woman approached her. While both Mint and this other woman were bedecked in red and gold for the event, Mint noted to herself that this new arrival seemed even more dedicated, her eyes being a deep red color themselves. Before Mint could ask where the other woman had gotten her contacts, she was left in shock when the woman spoke to Apollo in seemingly that same mystery language, which made him calm down almost immediately.

"You can understand all that!?" Mint asked incredulously. "I've been trying for months now, since not even my Rotom Dex can get a lick of it." she added.

"It's to be expected neither of you would get it. It is a tongue limited to dragons and...certain people, given as a blessing by Rayquaza." the other woman answered, stroking Apollo's large forehead scale for a moment.

"A blessing from Rayquaza...Hm, so those aren't contacts. You're really a Draconid, right?" Mint asked in return, a small grin forming when the other woman's eyes widened in shock.

"You know of our people?" she asked warily, fixing Mint with a harsh gaze.

"I'm studying to become an authority on myths and legends from the whole world. Draconids are remarkably good at remaining hidden, but I should hope I know a few of the known tells when I see them." Mint answered coolly.

"I see. You know, training Dragon Pokémon like this young one is a great responsibility. They must know control of their emotions, the consequences for failure in this is always great destruction." The other woman said, suddenly changing the subject. "You have done remarkably well thus far, for this one at least, as one who cannot easily communicate with him. Perhaps, if you can prove yourself able of raising several dragons to great strength and maturity...I may be able to teach you his tongue." she added, with a knowing look.

"So...raise a full team of Dragon-Types? I suppose I can manage that." Mint replied. "But before you run off...what can I call you?"

"Hm, you know us quite well if you do not ask for a name outright. You may call me Bea for now. I suppose we will be meeting again someday." Bea replied, before turning and vanishing into the crowd almost instantly.

Mint let out a breath as the tension in the air slowly eased. Snatching a zongzi for herself before any of her other Pokémon got any ideas, she began to ponder just how to accomplish her new goal.

Down the river, the Altaria boat was joined by one in the image of Rayquaza.

(OOC: Bless you Alice for this perfect opportunity!

-Apollo stole 1 Zongzi! He didn't like the taste, but he learned MT Outrage!
-Got 1 Net Ball!
-Got 1 Sea Incense!
-Got 1 Hongbao! Thank you! It contained $500!)

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