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Ludicolo Alola from the Sevii Islands

The League has just announced the opening of the Sevii Island Challenge! The Sevii Islands, long abandoned, have been repurposed and reponed, now the site of a traditional challenge imported from the distant Alola Region. Lani, the "Challenge Captain", encourages all interested trainers to find themselves tickets, being distributed by Gym Leaders (and maybe through a few other avenues) to those they find to be worthy of the 18 Trials scattered about the islands. Rumors have also been circulating that there are some rare and exotic Pokémon cropping up on the island, including new forms of otherwise familiar Pokémon. Some even say that the island has caused their familiar Pokémon to evolve in new and exciting ways! Those who manage to get their hands on a ticket simply need to go to their nearest Pokémon Center to contact Lani and set up their Island Challenge today!
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