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Round 6: Blazing Elephants

Atrax continues to slumber peacefully, her legs jittering every now and again as she begins to snore abruptly. Puffing up her chest with pride, Akatsuki projects a screen of light between the spider and herself, focusing on defending the special attacks that will soon come her way. And it's all well timed as the sound waves cause the screen to shudder and chip at the corners, but it remains strong! With a big grin on her face, the Gardevoir follows up by raising her hand to her side, a small ember crackling to life in her palm before gathering strength and light. Soon enough, the will-o-wisp is ablaze and orbiting her fingers before Akatsuki sends the flame streaking through the Whoa Zone and blazing all over Atrax's abdomen, waking her up with a start! As she screeches in pain, Atrax flails back to her feet, nursing the searing wound left on her underbelly and glaring at Akatsuki with beady eyes. Rubbing her forelegs together furiously, the Galvantula lets loose a volley of sound to rattle Akatsuki's ears, but again, the screen shields the Gardevoir, eventually shattering as the sound subsides. Atrax glowers in frustration over her failure to deal any meaningful damage in this round, while the maiden of the Whoa Zone can only giggle at the spider's misfortune She raises her hand curtly to cover her chuckle as the Galvantula winces from the pain of both burn and poison, for the situation is somewhat in her favour now.

Atrax falls closer to the midpoint now, while Akatsuki is unharmed. However, the Gardevoir has begin falling into a predicament with her energy nearing the final third, while Atrax continues to keep a healthy advantage in that regard. Akatsuki's Fire is still plentiful however.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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