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Round 3: The Scarecrow

Keeping her distance from the arachnid, Akatsuki clears her throat, seemingly preparing a speech! Oh wait, no, she actually has a giant blob of toxic phlegm in her throat, oh god that's nasty. Taking out a tissue of energy to contain it because that's the ladylike way to do things, she takes aim at the bin for the tissue. Said bin being Atrax, who's not looking too hot when it comes to being mentally prepared. She can see the distorted form of Akatsuki in front of her but she needs to figure out if she can actually get her forelegs to rub together rather than completely miss each other. Luckily for her, they eventually find each other, and she begins to rub them together like mad to generate a loud, abrupt screech! Akatsuki ends up flinging the phlegm a bit off course, but this also sort of rattled Atrax a bit as well. Not having a straight mind as is and hearing something headache-inducing usually isn't a good thing. Anyhoo, the toxins splatter on her back rather than the face as Akatsuki had intended, but they still soak in just as well. Or horribly. As the Gardevoir backs away to keep the two distanced, Atrax tries to focus on the warped figure in front of her to leech more energy from her. However, she's just unable to get a good lock without worrying about missing, and ends up forgoing the move. Her mind's starting to ease up on the confusion though.

Akatsuki got her chance to breathe easy, having started the countdown for Atrax's demise. She's still on a massive deficit for energy though. No damage on either side.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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