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Round 1: Please wait warmly

As Spark sends his champion, the most elephan- ELEGANT Pokemon, Akatsuki into battle, Emi pulls out a card to summon forth Traptrix Atrax! As she skitters about, it's already clear that Atrax has the early advantage against her opponent, with the fact that she can't be tracked easily by the telepath!

The war begins with a few moments of stillness. The calm before the storm. Well this is just becoming really long, isn't it. Akatsuki stares intently into Atrax's many eyes, attempting to disable the arachnid's movements! Unknown to her, the Galvantula has no plans on moving! As her focus loosens, Akatsuki allows a menacing desire overwhelm her, flooding her eyes with a wave of energy before washing Atrax with the same blue energy! Shuddering in fear and discomfort, Atrax finds her body unresponsive for a few moments, the binding properties of Akatsuki's technique preventing her escape back to her Poke Ball! Finding a sliver of courage within her, Atrax spews out glistening green tendrils from her mouth, wrapping them around Akatsuki's arms and leeching out her vitality! Still feeling rather queasy, Atrax wretches, a flood of stomach acids washing over the Gardevoir as she screams in shock! All thoughts of dazzling elephants are dashed away as Akatsuki shakes off the fluid coating her arms and body.

Akatsuki has a major deficit in energy now, but isn't worn down yet. Atrax has expended a large amount of both Grass and Poison.

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Yukirin is awesome for doing this for me! And by Yukirin, I mean lilbleucorsola.
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