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Well, this should be fun. Hopefully this will move at a decent pace so I can get your Gym Badge!

Carmina: Level 5 Female Mismagius
Special Technique: Spellbook of Secrets (Normal)
Carmina's Spellbook of Secrets allows her to, once per battle, learn one move from one of her squadmates, of my choosing, for the next two rounds. She can use this technique in both singles and doubles and can use it to learn a move from any squadmate, KOed or otherwise. Common sense applies on moves she can use. This technique uses good energy.

Jack: Level 4 Female Bisharp
Signature Technique: Mist of the Darkened Metropolis
Jack creates a mist that covers the arena, the mist coming out of her many spikes and blades and using moderate Water energy. This mist isn’t too thick, but it will impair the sight of all Pokemon except for Jack, who has perfect sight in the mist, as well as any fog or smoke. This mist is a physical representation of her bloodlust, so it is near impossible to blow away. While this mist is active, if Jack fights a female opponent, all of her attacks will deal an extra 15% damage. This mist will last for three rounds, and can only be used twice a battle, as that is all her prana can create.

Taihou: Level 4 Female Forretress
No Sig

Elizaleyn: Level 4 Female Shedinja
Signature Technique: Seal
Attached with the Cursed Mask Badge
Using considerable Ghost energy, Elizaleyn taps into her ability to mentally screw with opponents and causes them to suffer from a massive mental block. Upon choosing one type, the opponent will be unable to use any moves of that type for the next five rounds. However, to do this, Elizaleyn needs to purify herself of one of her types as well for five rounds, not allowing her to use any moves of that type as well. This also counts as a curse, making it heal-able by Refresh. The typing sealed must have at least one offensive move.

The Pain: Level 4 Genderless Golurk
Signature Attack: Pain Pain Go Away!
Golett creates a hand out of Ghost energy, which zooms forwards and then grabs the opponent. Then, The Pain can either cause the opponent to be launched into the air and away from him, or be pulled towards him. This attack is relatively quick, possibly interrupting attacks to Ref’s discretion, and doesn’t deal damage, though fall damage may occur if they are pushed away. This uses good energy and can be used twice per opponent.

Traptrix Atrax: Level 4 Female Galvantula
Signature Attack: Traptrix Trap Hole Nightmare
Atrax creates a current of bug energy which swirls around her target in a manner similar in appearance to a miniature bug-type fire spin. The attack does only light damage, and it lasts for only a moment, not trapping the opponent, but it's true abilities lie in utilizing the support of Atrax's teammates- When this attack is used, every Stealth Rock-like move in play around the opponent's field will strike the opponent as if they just just switched in, however, they are only 3/4 as powerful as normal. This move costs significant energy to use and can only be used once per Pokemon.
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