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Tyrone Walpole

Name: Tyrone Walpole

Gender: Male

Age: 24

Class: Warrior

Appearance: Tyrone is 6'3" and weighs around 82 kilograms. While not overly muscular, Tyrone is quite strong as a result of his training and his fight to survive in the uncivilised islands off the coast of Kanto. His black hair tends to turn brown when dry, and is somewhat messy, although he does sometimes brush it and keep it in order. He has stormy grey eyes, which make him look brooding and distracted. His skin is tanned from spending most of his life in Kanto's tropical islands, but he is somewhat fair-skinned.

Tyrone wears clothes typical of his clan, with a shirt and long pants, which are covered with boots. He wears a hooded jacket, which extends to his knees and separates in the middle. This enables him to move freely. He wears this jacket only in cold places or when it's winter, such as his new home in Blackthorn City.

However, when he's in humid or hot places, he wears a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. This also helps him not stand out, as he does with his clan robes. He also has a crimson visor with black frames which he wears when the sun becomes unbearable.

He wears a backpack to carry his utilities, which include a tablet with an inbuilt Pokedex, for when he wants to draw or make notes. He also stores medicines for his Pokemon, Pokeballs and an azure flute when he wants to play music.

Personality: Tyrone is quite friendly once someone gets to know him, but is secretive and reserved while talking to strangers and people he barely knows. He is a good conversationalist, but knows when to be silent and how and when to keep a conversation going. He is sometimes insecure and short-tempered. His insecurity came from his inability to save his mother in time, and is angry when people ask him about his family and past.

Tyrone was respected in his clan for being an excellent fighter, while also being a deep thinker and a lover of the arts. He philosophises about various things, and can't stop thinking about mysteries. As such, he excels at solving puzzles and keeps a V-Cube 7 with him, and never tires of solving it over and over again. He also plays his flute quite often, and has mastered it over the span of 14 years. He is a good artist, and likes to paint on occasion.

Tyrone is good at sports from his extremely active life, but overestimates himself sometimes and so people might think he is arrogant. While he does brag sometimes, he's mostly just joking. He also has a fear of heights, but loves the ocean and swims often.

Background: Tyrone came from the Aerovien clan in the island of Worwarn of the Sevii Islands. He is of Kantonian and Seviiese descent, his mother being from Worwarn and his father from Celadon City. When his father came to Worwarn to start up a resort, he met his mother, and they married after a while. As such, his early days were often spent split between the clan and the resort, where he helped sometimes. He often led tours around the island, and was in charge of most of the marine activities like snorkelling, boating and scuba diving. This fostered a love of swimming.

At the age of 13, he lost his father after his ship was caught in a hurricane and subsequently sank. He mourned the loss of his father for a long time, and did not speak much in the following months. In less than a year, the calamity struck, and most of the inhabitants of his island drowned, including his mother. This made him extremely introverted for a while, and he also didn't listen to any of the survivors, only staying with them so he could survive. After a while, he managed to salvage a boat, and he rid it to the mainland, where he abandoned the rest of his group, and wandered across Kanto.

When he reached a small town near Victory Road, he met a monk who helped him recover from the massive shock of losing his parents. He and the monk travelled across a little of Johto, before parting ways. He then proceeded to Blackthorn City, where he made a new home for himself.

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