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Chansey A New Horizon

There has been an influx of new Pokémon in the wider Kanjohto Region, drawn by a mysterious surge in energy from two major centers in both Mt. Moon and Ecruteak City. There have been reports of some strange changes in existing Pokémon, as well as the appearance of some foreign Pokémon in certain parts of the region. This new influx of Pokémon has drawn a number of new trainers to the region, as well as increased the number of new native trainers registering, eager to see the new species for themselves.

One of these new trainers is the new Ecruteak City Gym Leader, Auguste. After the recent transplantation of the Ghost Gym to Kanto’s Lavender Town, this traveler from a distant land has set up a new type of Gym in the Golden Forest, claiming to train Fairy-type Pokémon, possibly referencing this new classification of Pokémon that seems to have sprung up.

In response to this influx of new trainers, the League has extended their previous offer of additional supplies and TMs to fledgling trainers getting their start in the region. New trainers are encouraged to find their way to a Pokémon Center to redeem their gift. Existing trainers will also be receiving a gift from the League for their continued service to the region.

Stay tuned for further updates as these stories develop.
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