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Round 6: As a fish on dry land.

The second choice from gym trainer Emp is Ecco the Lanturn, Dave would be so pleased.

Originally Posted by pokedex
Lanturn (Water/Electric): Lanturn are fish, and thus are slow and nearly immobile on land, but are faster and more agile in the water. Whenever a Lanturn uses an electric attack in the water, it creates a small amount of electricity around it, shocking anything in the water with it within 10 feet of it (damage is considered equal to a Thundershock for the most powerful electric attacks). As an electric type, it is immune to recoil from using electric attacks in the water or during a Rain Dance. It may also use its antennae as a light source in the same way that the Mareep family does with their tails.
Ecoo is released on the ground near Emp, and is a little bit confused as to what happened to the arena, she also doesn’t like being released on land because that makes her about as immobile as a Dunsparce moving through mud, not quite that but close. Anyway due to the awesome powers of priority, she charges some of her natural electric element and concentrates it into a beam. This hits Lucifer for a bit of damage, but sadly the extra energy dissipates into the air instead of being stored into Ecco. Lucifer didn’t quite like being hit, even if it was just a small hit, and throws some of his own natural energy, shaped in the form of a buzzing ball, towards the grounded angler fish, who takes a harder blow from this.

Calling upon the great god of the random numbers, Ecco spews an orb of water with some potential confusing agents at the firefly. Lucifer gets hit by several sonic blasts imbedded in the water, but the only after effect it had, was making him wet. Not that it would have mattered anyway as he concentrates and clears his mind of all emotion (and the possible confusion), before darting in to ram Ecco in the antenna for the final hit from this round. After the hit the solid floor turns back to liquid and all the thingamajigs that the kiddie pool houses become solid again. The Hoff, a little bit terror shaken from the experience, has resumed his job of patrolling the side of the pool. Ecco plops back into the water swimming circles in joy before returning her attention back to Lucifer who is flying near Ecco just above the water.


Ecco took fair damage, but it isn’t worrying for now, just as the energy use.

Lucifer took somewhat less damage, and used similar energy, psychic took a good hit.
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Originally Posted by empoleon dynamite View Post
Shouldn’t the Hoff be doing something if he’s still around? I have strict rules about leaving the pool, and I’m sure vanishing the pool out of existence breaks those rules in some way :P
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