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Round 5: Because short.

So Kairne sends out a slightly electric familiar firefly. Could be a good choice.

Originally Posted by pokedex
Volbeat (Bug): Volbeat and Illumise are considered male and female variations of the same Pokémon, and therefore the Attracts of both species are considered to work as if both Volbeat and Illumise were the same species of Pokémon. Volbeat has a light on its tail that it can use to illuminate areas, though it makes it more visible in the dark. Volbeat has slightly more Electric energy than other non-Electric Pokémon.
The Firefly, aptly named Lucifer, starts to drain Gatorade of his remaining energy, green tentacles of grass energy enveloping him. He starts crying as the life seeps out of him, but due to being a big scary alligator it doesn’t have as much effect as say from a Togepi. Actually it doesn’t faze Volbeat at all, and then he faints because no energy. When he falls on the floor, Lucifer starts to notice some static noise in the magic room, the giant Ludicolo hat, the floats, and The Hoff are shifting in and out of reality, but for the moment they are intangible. The floor is also regaining a light blue colour and several floats can be seen flickering on it.


Lucifer traded in some grass energy for XX energy, otherwise still completely fresh and mentally unharmed.

Everything will be back to normal at the end of last round, another friendly reminder to avoid standing into something that will become solid.

Gatorade is unable to battle, next pokémon and orders please Emp.
Trainer level 3: 53 KO \\ 187 TP \\ 37.5 SP
21 win 29 loss 1 draw (17/21/1 Without DQ)

B- grade ref.
Originally Posted by empoleon dynamite View Post
Shouldn’t the Hoff be doing something if he’s still around? I have strict rules about leaving the pool, and I’m sure vanishing the pool out of existence breaks those rules in some way :P
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