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Emp your previous orders were better as the second punch would have hit and disrupt the second pulse. (It would also have confused, but you wouldn't have known that when ordering)

Round 2: Always remember rule number 1 of the ASBL: stuff explodes.

Deciding that Beausdelair has done enough for him now, Kairne switches him out and replaces him with his up-level. Bobby the icy Dragonair.

Originally Posted by pokedex
Dragonair (Dragon): Dragonair are capable of flight, though it is levitation through an unknown method that allows them to do so without wings. This, however, allows them to hover in the air, though they are more agile than fast. Sunny Day or Rain Dance will last one round longer than normal if used by a Dragonair.
Instead of abusing the time that switching takes, Gatorade waits until Bobby attacks. After a short while Bobby opens his mouth and starts gathering some dark blue energy. It doesn’t take too long before a swirling orb is formed and shot at the still waiting alligator. Due to the sheer distance (100 metres is quite a lot) Gatorade has plenty of time to attempt to side step the attack. He mostly succeeds, only taking a clipping on his large tail. Now quick to the beat he immediately starts to gather his fighting spirit between his paws, forming an impressive sphere of destruction. However, unlike Gatorade last move, Bobby isn’t idly watching this happening. He goes for a repeat and gathers more dragon energy. Because Gatorade was first but took longer to charge, both attacks are fired at almost the same time, maybe Bobby is a bit slower. They meet in the middle, with the brown sphere of fighting energy managing to push the dragon pulse back a couple of feet. But this hardly matters as the energies start to violently react with each other, causing a large anime-style explosion infused with both dragon and fighting energy. This could have been bad for the dragon, but the explosion is still far away so nobody gets hurt.

When the smoke clears Gatorade sees that Bobby is still unharmed, and is not amused. Seeing as firing stuff from a distance doesn’t seem to work, he starts to spin around fast, pumping blood into his muscles and gaining massive strength for close distance destruction. With Gatorade’s attack power going through the roof, the round ends.


Bobby somehow managed to avoid damage, still on perfect. Energy use was a little bit draining, but he’s in the lead due to being only one round in.

Beaudelaire didn’t take damage and will be restoring energy inside his pokeball.

Gatorade took a little bit of damage from the partial dragonpulse, about the same as the recoil he would have gotten from the fall last round. Energy use was roughly the same as Bobby’s starting to feel the strain, although the swords dance boost compensates for it a little bit. Fighting energy is mostly shot though.
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Shouldn’t the Hoff be doing something if he’s still around? I have strict rules about leaving the pool, and I’m sure vanishing the pool out of existence breaks those rules in some way :P
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