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Shouldn’t the Hoff be doing something if he’s still around? I have strict rules about leaving the pool, and I’m sure vanishing the pool out of existence breaks those rules in some way :P but I’ll leave it to your discretion.

A more serious qualm is to do with Feraligatr riding the surf. It’s alright for special effect I guess, but I’ve never had it reffed that way (the Pokémon usually just water-bends a wave that hits the opponent as seen in the attack descriptions and anime) and I don’t think it makes much sense. What’s he supposed to do when the attack hits, jump off the wave inches away of the opponent? Sorry to be a jerk about that, Milo. Edit: I spoke to Concept and he said Pokémon don't ride surf unless they're specifically ordered to do so

Focus Blast between his attacks so you don't get disrupted. Finish up with Swords Dance


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