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Round 1: I reject your reality and substitute my own.

So Kairne is finally able to try his luck at a gym match. Despite the fact that he’s TL-3 now and doesn’t need to beat Emp, he’s going for it anyway. Maybe to cut ahead in the queue? Anyway he begins with Beaudelaire, a male Gothorita. Male Gothorita.... *sigh* Anyway he splashes in the challengers side of the pool, with his head only just above the water, might be somewhat troublesome if he gets into the deep part. Emp responds with a huge alligator in the form of Gatorade the Feraligatr, a frightining sight indeed.

Anyway here’s the data:
Originally Posted by pokedex
Gothorita: (Psychic) Gothorita are skilled illusionists, able to create illusions much like with Hypnosis to fool their foes. They also have an innate sense of the future, able to predict and anticipate attacks, making them slightly more likely to evade. They fight most enthusiastically at night.

Feraligatr (Water): While not the most agile of the Totodile line, Feraligatr is the fastest on land and in water. It will travel on all fours for extended distances. As an alligator Pokémon, the Totodile family has the strongest bite attack of any Pokémon relative to their size. However, their jaw muscles are meant for clamping down, not opening up: most Pokémon can easily keep them shut with their own hands. In wet arenas, the airholes on their snouts allow them to stay almost completely submerged while being able to see above the surface.
Anyway things start quickly with Gatrade collecting the water around him, and mending it into a rather large wave. He himself surfing atop of it towards the little Goth. Beaudelaire however will have none of this and, since he apparently has won the superpower lottery, uses his awesome powers of reality warping to recreate the universe arena to his wishes. A large white sphere expands from Beaudelaire, erasing everything in its path. The water of the pool just stops existing, as well as the pool walls and the Ludicolo sombrero. Even the Hoff can’t avoid being exiled from this dimension, tripping up before he managed to get out of reach. And even though Gatorade seems to be immune from this effect, the giant wave of water he was riding up until a second ago is not. From the one second into the other he’s floating in a white space, wondering what just happened. He doesn’t have much time to think though, and starts to fall. For a moment it seems that flailing his arms like a cartoon character stops him from falling, but gravity gets the better of him after a few seconds. With a loud “THUD” he lands a couple of feet before Beaudelaire, not taking some recoil damage from the fall before magically teleporting back to where he started.

Gatorade takes a quick look around, but he only sees an endless white, much like that one scene from The Matrix. Now filled with rage for the destruction of his playground Gatorade quickly determines that it’s all the fault of Beaudelaire and, eager for revenge, throws a ball of pulsing water energy at the psi pokémon. The ball of sonic doom hits home and engulfs the Goth, blasting him with some supersonic blast before bursting, revealing a wet, but sane, Beaudelaire. In continuance with the paranormal activities, the Goth brings his right arm in front of his chest, eyes glowing blue, before making a quick sudden gesture at his adversary. Despite Beaudelaire not being in striking distance, it seems to have some effect with Gatorade emitting a small noise of displeasure.


Beaudelaire took some damage from an evo-boosted waterpulse, but it’s nothing to write home about. Energy use was larger but, again, not too much.

Gatorade took more damage from psychic, but not too much. Energy use was roughly the same since surf was initiated, but he’s slightly ahead.

Beaudelaire broke reality and you’ll be fighting in “the white room” for the next 5 rounds. At the end of the fifth round everything will return back to normal. I’ll advice you to not be standing in a space that previously had solid mater occupying it (like the Ludicolo hat), for that will result in... Well let’s just say that’s not good.
For reference, it’s now a flat even ground, with the height where Beaudelaire started magicroom. So towards the gym trainer the floor got lifted and the walls of the pool got lowered.
Trainer level 3: 53 KO \\ 187 TP \\ 37.5 SP
21 win 29 loss 1 draw (17/21/1 Without DQ)

B- grade ref.
Originally Posted by empoleon dynamite View Post
Shouldn’t the Hoff be doing something if he’s still around? I have strict rules about leaving the pool, and I’m sure vanishing the pool out of existence breaks those rules in some way :P

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