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Best of luck Kairne. Thanks for reffing Milo, enjoy the extra SP from the Gym Reffing bonus you recieve :O

Nacho: Ludicolo (F) Lv.4
Special Training: Pineapple Dance Studios

Nacho gave up learning some violent attacks for an awesome dance number. As a result of her intense training she has mastered the moves Feather Dance, Petal Dance, Quiver Dance and Dragon Dance. She never learned how to use the moves Astonish, Body Slam, Brick Break, Double Edge, Facade, Frustration, Fury Swipes, Hail, Thief and Hone Claws.

Ecco: Lanturn (F) Lv.3
Signature Move: Tangle Kelp

Using good energy, Ecco pumps grass energy into the ground in order to make kelp shoot up around the opponent dealing good damage. The kelp soaks up the slime perspired by Water/Ground type Pokémon cancelling out their ground type in retrospect to electric moves (like if a normal ground type was made wet) for four rounds. Tangle kelp can be used on any surface (sand, concrete, metal etc) but has to be used in a body of water. Tangle Kelp can only be used once per battle.

Hentacool: Tentacruel (M) Lv.3
Special Technique: Leaky Tank

Being left out in the sun too long destroyed the majority of Hentacool's gelatinous umbrella mass. Tentacool finds it much harder to stay hydrated on dry-land, losing a small fraction of its health at the end of each round. As it loses more health its skin becomes emaciated which makes it easier for him to expel water. Under half health, its water-type attacks do 1.25x damage. Under a quarter health, its water-type attacks do 1.5x damage at the cost of 1.25x energy. These boosts are nullified if Tentacruel becomes hydrated through a weather condition or an attack.

Gatorade: Feraligatr (M) Lv.3
Signature Training: Swampy ‘Gator (Ground)

Living in the bayou has given Gatorade a neutrality to Electric Type Moves. However he doesn’t like steampunk and no longer resists Steel and Fire Type moves.

Man-Ray: Mantine (M) Lv.3
Signature Training: Avast! the wind be fillin' our sails! (Flying)

Through braving stormy seas Man Ray has built up a resistance to his crippling electric weakness. He now only takes 0.75x the damage he’d normally take from electric typed moves.

Mermaid Man: Quagsire (M) Lv.3
No Sig

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