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Originally Posted by Meetan View Post
ooc: WHAT UP FIZZBY?! IT'S ME, YA GIRL, ALICE ROCKIN UP TO YOUR ISLES WITH SOME UPDOOTS. The faster you reply to my crazy caboose, the faster your adventure will go (just ask MM about Whale Island), so buckle the fuzzle up and get your posties in people, it's adventure time!

Median Dia: At your question, the twins exchange slightly unnerved looks. As different as they usually are, they display that eerie sibling connection people talk about, making similar sounds of discomfort before Simon speaks up first.

“Y- yeah. Kind of. It sounds like they're... Up to weird stuff. No good.” The boy adds, to your relief, because god forbid it's the alternative in the secret hideout of children. You came here to explore and chill, not walk in on that kind of trauma, “They sound older than us, too. Maybe we should tell an adult?”
“Then everyone will know where our base is!” Angelica seethed. Simon flinched. Celia didn't seem impressed, either. After all, it wasn't really a secret base, more a quiet spot of the island and one of many near the coursing river. Their lives weren't worth risking over something minute, but neither Simon nor Angelica seemed keen to retreat. Straining one's ears, there's definitely a cluster of voices ahead-- four, maybe five, mostly male and a mix of ages. A single feminine voice stands out as particularly menacing, and there's also an odd sort of squeaking. It sounds sentient and troubled, more like a tiny creature than an actual chew toy. However, for all you know, it might be one and the same by now. Childish doe eyes peered up at you with hope and expectation of solving their problems – and the problem of Living Chew Toy - for them.

So what do you do? You're not gonna leave these poor, hopeless kids to fend against their child-hating narrator alone, are you...?

Are you?
Ami's initial thought really wasn't related to the problem at hand, but rather, the twins' reactions to her questions. The sheer similarity between them was getting pretty eerie pretty quickly, and distracting to boot! She took a deep breath and focused on the processing information she had been given. "No-good weird stuff, huh? Hmm..." She shook her head at Simon's question. "If we did go and tell an older person, these guys could be gone by the time we get back. That doesn't seem like it would be too helpful..."

Listening to the offenders for herself helped spell out a bit more of the situation, though. "There's quite a few of them though..." she whispered, trying to way her options a bit. She wasn't sure if the kids had any pokemon with them, though the could be said of the unwanted guests... Judging from the sound of the chick's voice, however, it was a pretty safe bet that they did have a few, which meant attacking them head-on would be the worst idea possible. Speaking of pokemon, they sounded like they were messing with one in a mean-spirited way, marking another soul who's life was being trashed at the moment.

"...What a mess."

Thankfully, she had a way to distract the poketormenters without giving away their presence... hopefully. "Alright guys, I have an idea, but I'm going to need you guys to keep your opinions about my pokemon to yourselves until we're done, okay?" Sure, she didn't have much of a right to be ordering the three, but it was kind of important that they didn't gasp in awe upon seeing her dewpider at the moment. She let the young Bug Type out and knelt to his level. "Alright, Bell, can you do us a favor and send an irritating Infestation to the other side of these bushes, please? Oh, and try to only hit humans with it if you can, okay?"

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