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Kyuu-Tales - “Wait, wait, there’s been some kind of misunderstanding!” You shout as you wave your hands in front of you. The ranger decides to hear you out and after listening she turns toward her Pidove to tell him to stand down too. However, it would seem that it's completely unnecessary since he apparently already forgot the situation and is pecking away at the ground again. The wild Shinx though, has other ideas and continues to go through with the Tackle it had planned, Aiolia follows his orders and makes no attempt to dodge and is hit directly causing him to tumble across the ground a bit. Aiolia is starting to look quite worn down at this point but he still stays strong and gets back onto his feet. “Shinx, please stop this!” The ranger tells the Shinx to stop which only causes it to show its teeth and growl at her. It has decided it has had enough of this and picks up the cub it carried out of the den and encourages the other two to run ahead while the Shinx follows. They take off over the hill, but this area is so open you don’t really lose sight of them as they create some distance.

“I’m sorry I jumped to conclusions because I let my emotions get the better of me. This place is open for trainers to interact with the wild Pokemon, it’s just that I’ve been keeping an eye on this family since the cubs were born and my heart has been breaking for them.” She walks over to her Pidove and kneels down patting him on the head before looking back at you. “My name is Kamri, I’m a ranger but I was only hired very recently. Watching that family was one of the first things I’ve done here. That Shinx is actually not the parent to those cubs, it had just noticed that they were alone and has been taking care of them ever since.” It would seem you have gained her trust because now she is being very friendly while telling you what she knows about the family of Shinx. “Those cubs were born right after I was hired, which was around 5 weeks ago now. Their mother is a Luxio and they were doing great until three days ago. You see, the Luxio actually had four cubs, but one morning when I arrived to watch them there were only three and the Luxio seemed very panicked. She was raising them in that gathering of trees over there but after one went missing she came out here and dug out this den, putting the three remaining cubs inside of it and then left, I assume in search of her missing cub.” She points to the west where you can see a small gathering of trees in the distance, as she explains the story her voice occasionally goes quiet, it’s clear she feels some guilt over this. “I should have followed her but I was worried about the cubs so I kept watch, right around the end of my shift was when that Shinx showed up. It sniffed out the cubs and I was scared at first but it just took over acting as their parent almost as if it had been sent to do so.”

She walks up to the den and reaches her arm far inside, pulling out the tarp for your tent which is now dripping wet. She hands you the tarp then returns her Pidove. “The Shinx was heading north and couldn’t have gotten far with all of those cubs. I’m going to go track them down and make sure they are alright. I’m sorry if I’ve caused you any trouble, you can go ahead and get back to camping now if you would like.” She begins to quickly move in the direction the Shinx took the cubs, only looking back briefly to give you a wave. Now that you have your tarp back, what will you do?


myahoo - After Wildfire had been rudely attacked and thrown into a tree you turn toward the trainer that revealed himself shortly after. “What is your problem? Do you just randomly attack people wandering through the forest for fun?” You angrily yell at the trainer, not understanding why someone would do such a thing. The boy lets out another laugh, this one was a little shorter. “Who knows.” It is then that Wildfire prepares for battle after you shout off commands while at the same time the Scyther closes in and Night Slashes at Wildfire with its scythe arm, it is a hit but Wildfire is prepared now and braces itself. Scyther tries to dodge out of the way as Wildfire uses Swift and shoots a trail of stars at it but it’s no use because the stars hit it directly as it attempts to shield its face with its arms. You watch the battle intently, not taking an eye off of the Pokemon as they battle it out. The Scyther begins to run toward an area between some trees but it is immediately hit backwards once Wildfire leaps at it, smacking into it hard with Aerial Ace, once again Scyther was unable to dodge. This is when you realize that the trainer hasn’t said anything in a while and their Pokemon seems to be taking a lot of hits out there. At that moment, you begin to smell smoke, you look over to where the trainer was once standing and all that’s left in his place is a fire that is beginning to grow as it begins to engulf a nearby tree trunk. Wildfire goes in to attack Scyther with Crush Claw, this time Scyther finally manages to not only dodge but also completely escapes. Vanishing through the trees, leaving you and Wildfire alone with the fire that has been left behind.

“I smell smoke! I think there is another fire over there! Where are all of these fires coming from?” You hear a voice in the distance followed by the sound of footsteps rapidly approaching. Suddenly you hear the sound of leaves rustling above you, is it the wind? You look up and see a brown blur quickly fly out of a tree, disappearing almost as fast as it appeared. You couldn’t quite make it out because it was gone almost as quickly as it had appeared but there was definitely something up there. Looking back at the fire, it is still somewhat small but getting larger with each passing second. What will you do?
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